27 Amazing and Easy Budget Friendly DIY Halloween Decorations

Yay! It’s that time of year again! Don’t you just love Halloween? First, Fall is my favorite season, everything about the beginning of Fall I love. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, with the fun costumes, kids having fun, and the CANDY! 

Now, that I have kids of my own, it’s just that much more fun. Seeing the kids having a blast and being their favorite character or the scariest person they can be, it just brings so much joy to them and of course the candy, they get so excited, I love it!

My favorite thing about Halloween as a parent now, is decorating the house. Trying to be the cool parent and have the coolest house on the block, and for the joy of our kids. When I was younger, I remember my mom had the cutest decor, it was simple but I loved it, it was exciting.

Well, if you love Halloween as much as us, you will love these DIY Halloween decorations. These are super clever and you will for sure be the talk in your neighborhood. These are decorations I wouldn’t have thought of, or thought they would cost a lot of money, or be hard to make. But, these are budget friendly and super easy to do.

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Easy Budget Friendly DIY Halloween Decorations

DIY Flying Bats

These are super simple and cheap to make, and will make your house looks awesome for Halloween. I love it in the dinning room like they have it in the picture, but you can place it anywhere in the house to make it like a real bat cave.

Creepy DIY Magnetic Spider

If you want to totally freak and gross people out this is perfect. How simple but clever this is! Thank God these aren’t real. Just imagine freaking your kids out with this one. ?

Scary DIY Glowing Spider Jar

These are great to put anywhere in your house, and would go perfectly with the magnetic spider. Easy and quick decor for when you are running out of time, because with this crazy busy life Halloween always creeps up fast.

Giant Balloon Spider Decor

I love this one! So easy and cheap to make but looks super creepy! If you hate spiders as much as I do, this will totally scare your kids, neighbors and probably even your pets. Could you imagine a giant a** spider like that in your house!?

DIY Hanging Witch Hats

How cute are these? Perfect for your outdoor decorations or indoor decorations. You can hang the witch hats them on your patio, under your tree, on your staircase, anywhere. you can even put tea candle lights under them to give them a glow in the dark.

DIY Pumkin Patch Halloween Decoration

Aren’t these cute? You can do so much with these, like just use them as decoration, fill them with Halloween candy and hand them out to trick or treaters, or you can even had them out at your child’s school Halloween party. Perfect budget friendly decor and treat.

Dancing Lawn Ghost Decor

Little dancing ghost is nothing short of creepy and the neighbors will love it. This a a budget DIY craft that will complete your house even if that’s the only decor you have.

Happy Floating Ghost Decor

Not all Halloween decorations have to be scary or creepy. This little cute happy ghost every child will love. Cute for your front porch, centerpiece, or even on your desk at work. Just a few items and that’s all you need to make this friendly ghost.

Super DIY Tombstone

Don’t throw away your cereal boxes because that’s what you need to make these extremely easy tombstone! Don’t spend a lot of money on Halloween decorations when you can just upcycle your kids’ cereal box. How clever is that?

Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Decor

Fun and clever way on how to use the popular $1 pumpkin candy baskets. You can have fun with it and paint them different colors or put different lights in it.

 DIY Decorative Pumpkin Lanterns

So pretty!. This would be perfect for a centerpiece or if you’re having a more formal grown up Halloween party. Have fun with the designs and colors too.

Spooky Spider Eggs

How gross does this look!? What if this is what spider eggs actually looked like? I hope no where in the world they look like this. But at the same time how perfect is this for Halloween?? See how you can make your own spooky spider eggs for cheap. 

Floating Candle Sticks

This was actually from a Harry Potter Birthday theme, but you can totally use these for you Halloween decor, perfect for a haunted house. And with toilet paper rolls…up-cycling at it’s finest.

DIY Spider Nest

Another good idea for Halloween using spiders. There’s a reason why people use spiders as a creepy Halloween decoration, because they are gross and creepy. I don’t know how some people like them. I get goose pumps just thinking about them.

Hanging Cages DIY Halloween Decor

When I saw this I automatically thought that I need to do this. Some decor like that at stores a can be pricey, but this is genius and you can use your imagination and do so much with these cages.

DIY Skeleton Door

A fun and simple way to decorate your house, and the kids will love it. I do something like this for Christmas and my kids always loved to look at it and asked to do it every year. Thinking of it you can do a “Nightmare Before Christmas Theme” for Halloween OR Christmas. ? Sorry, I won’t get ahead of myself LOL.

DIY Tangled Web

I love this one. So simple and so creepy looking. That huge spider gives it a great touch. You can get a few huge spiders and place them on your house and have them look like they are crawling to and from the gigantic web.

DIY Halloween Candy Jar

Isn’t this cute? A cute decor for you office or teacher’s desk. Or a cute Halloween decoration for your kitchen. Very easy and cheap to make.

DIY Spooky Fog Machine

Having fog as part of your Halloween decor is the best, it make everything complete; a haunted house isn’t hunted without a fog machine. Find out how this person created their own fog machine- brilliant.

Cute Witch Hat Halloween Decor

I love this Halloween wreath. I wouldn’t have thought to put flowers in an upside down witch hat and fill it with dark flowers and call it good. I love the colors and so simple and classy.

Creepy Ghost Circle

This is like the last dancing ghosts, but with trash bags. A smart inexpensive way to make your house look spooky. You can even make them with black trash bags and put witch hats on and turn it into a creepy witch seance decoration.

DIY Creepy Doorway Halloween Decor

Who knew cut up trash bags could make your house looks so creepy and haunted? If you are short on money and time, this is perfect to do.

DIY Creepy Hanging Ghost

This ghost decoration is so creepy and will for sure freak people out. Something about it just is creepy and to know it’s only trash bags…

Window Eyes Halloween Decoration

I’m totally going to do this, this Halloween. Just using trash bags to block out light and cutting out any shape you want, this is beyond smart. You can even make images like a witch in the window, or a ghost or cat. So many things you can do instead of eye, but I do love the eyes. 

DIY Floating Ghost Halloween Decor

I always wondered how people were able to get ghosts to float like this without anything underneath the cloth. Now you can learn how too. Going to do this decor at my house too!

DIY Scary Zombie Hands

I love this idea, this will totally freak my kids out! As simple as painting hand shaped cardboard. This reminds me of the movie “The People Under The Stairs”, such a creepy movie LOL.

DIY Spooky Glowing Eyes

Another great idea using toiletpaper rolls, so make sure you keep yours and stock up. Just cut the eyes out and place glow sticks inside and you’re done, how simple is that? Place them in the push, in the window, on your step in your car, anywhere!

We hope this gives you so fun and creative ideas on how to decorate your house this Halloween! So excited to see what everyone does. Feel free to leave a comment with some fun DIY Halloween decorations you have done!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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