58 Fun Activities For Kids: Avoid Hearing They Are Bored

We’ve all heard our kid’s say they are bored and there’s absolutely nothing to do, even thought they have all their toys and games to play with. Sometimes that just doesn’t do the trick.

Maybe they are needing something new, a change of pace. They want to do something fun and exciting but are having a hard time trying to think of something. 

Whether you’re stuck on a rainy or snowy day, or they are home for the summer, we have a list of fun activities for kids of all ages, that will guarantee to keep them having fun and not bored. 

This list is perfect to print out and put on your refrigerator and when they are bored they can go to the list and pick out a fun activity to do. You can even turn it into a ‘Boredom Jar’. Write the activities on a piece of paper or popsicle stick and put them in a jar. When they are bored they pick our an activity and whatever they pick that’s the activity they get to do.

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fun activities for kids to keep them busy

We love thinking of new fun ideas to keep our kids busy, lets face it, it helps us get some time for things we want to do also. However, these are all great as family activities as well! 

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Here you go, the life-saving list to free your child of boredom, and you being the superhero you are once again!

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