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4-Phase Learning Course Method– the exact step by step method to a healthy parenting dynamic where you will create a strong and healthy relationship with your child.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls– get your questions answered and get weekly support and guidance on where you’re getting stuck and struggling in your parenting during the week.

Private Facebook Group– where you will get extra support from me and the community. A place where you feel heard and accepted and not alone. Supportive accepting group to be able to celebrate your week, vent about your week and to connect with other like-minded parents.

Daily Coaching Support- get daily questions answered and support from me when you’re needing the extra 1:1 support

Weekly Workbook

Weekly workbooks that will guide you into creating a deep and healthy relationship with yourself and your child.

Free Mommy Mindfulness Planner

The planner that every mom needs. A planner that has your self care planned everyday so there’s no more trying to find time for yourself so you can make yourself a priority. A planner, yearly/monthly calendar, coloring pages, journal pages and more.

Emotion and Communication Skill Building Printables

Printables that you can have at your finger tips to help you implement the skills to regulate your emotions and communicate so your children will listen.

Phase One

Build Your Parenting Confidence

Break Generational Parenting Patterns
Become aware of your triggers
Become aware of your beliefs that’s holding you back in your parenting
Become the parent you’ve always wanted to be

Phase Two

Understanding Your Child

Understand their behaviors
Learn how their nervous system plays a role in their behaviors
Understand how their brain works
Understand their emotions

Phase Three

Build Your Connection With Your Child

How to communicate to get them to hear you
How to set boundaries that work for everyone
How to get into their world and open them up
How to use their behaviors as an opportunity to bond

Phase Four

Build A Trusting Relationship With Your Child

Develop a trusting and understanding relationship together
More teamwork less arguing
No more dishonesty and untrustworthy relationship on both sides
A more harmonious home full of respect

You Are The Perfect Fit To Apply If…

You want to create a strong and healthy relationship with your child
You want to feel confident that you’re raising a kind, caring, thrive and resilient child
You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and at your wits end with your child’s behavior
You want a more calm home where everyone isn’t yelling and screaming everyday

In just one month of working with Maria, she helped me to see that there was a deeper rooted phenomenon within myself that I wasn’t seeing until her expert guidance led me there.

I had one of the biggest epiphanies in my life because she knew the right questions to ask, she listened to the things I wasn’t saying, and she made me feel safe enough to explore deeper. I was able to have a connection with my son in a way that I had never experienced before thanks to Maria and the ways she was able to open me up.
– Samantha F.

“Maria’s classes have helped my husband and me not only understand and start to heal from our childhood traumas, but realized we’re not alone or broken, and grow as parents- but has shown us way to effectively parent. Ways that will stick and not cause push-back.

We have seen a difference in our son’s reactions and responses when we use techniques learned from Mindful Parenting. She shows how to effectively use boundaries in a way that works for everyone in the home.

We are able to reinforce them in a healthy way, which allows autonomy for not only our son, but us as parents. It has helped open dialog that was much needed. Rather than me yelling and getting nothing accomplished, I’ve learned to take a step back and learn why it may be causing my son to react the way he would react.

I’m not perfect, we’re not perfect parents, but it has helped us grow together and take one conversation at a time- which has lessened the yelling, tears, guilt and anger…which is GREAT!
-Gina M.