best toys for 2 year olds

The Best Toys For 2 Year Olds {That Enhances Their Development}

When shopping for toys for a two-year-old, you’re probably looking for the best gift that will be well worth your money and also helps them with their development skills

Playing is the most important and beneficial way for kids of all ages to learn. It builds their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, imaginative skills, and so much more. At this age, their personalities are starting to shine through, and are learning what their interests are, what their favorite activity is, what their favorite character is, what their favorite types of toys are. 

Through play, kids learn how to be creative, use their imagination, problem-solve, and make sense of the world.

Between the ages of 0-7 is the most crucial part of their learning development because that is when they absorb everything the best, it’s true when they say their brains are like amazing thirsty sponges. 

This list of toys for two olds is put together with intentions of helping them grow, learn, and explore, to bring out the little geniuses that they are. 

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toy for 2 year olds

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Different developmental skills these toys will help improve

Gross Motor Skills– Big movements that your baby does use their muscles, like crawling, walking, raising their arm.

Fine Motor Skills– Smaller movements that babies learn how to do, like picking up a cheerio, turning pages, eating, putting blocks together.

Cognitive– Skills your baby’s brain uses to think, learn, encourage memory, and learn new information

Language and Communication– The ability to understand others, respond to others, using gestures, facial expressions, and words.

Spatial Awareness– Awareness of one’s body and object and the space around them. The knowledge of objects in relation to oneself. Understanding the object and space when there was a change in the position.

Dexterity– Performing tasks using your hands. For example, bucking a buckle, threading a string, putting an object in a hole.

toys for 2 year olds

The Best Toys For Two-Year-Olds

Personalized Name Puzzle

puzzle toy for 2 year old

This is a great practice to learn their name, spell their name, learn letters, and use their minds to put the puzzle together. Fun toy and great room decor. Buy Here


fun toys for two year old

These are simple and super fun toys. It helps with their fine motor skills by having them stick together while building their imagination by making fun shapes and obstacles with them. Also, make a great bath toy.Buy Here


toys for two year olds

A perfect toy to get their brain to work and figure out how the rings go on and also figure out how to get them off. It helps with their motor skills and cognitive skills.Buy Here

John Deere Farm Playset

toys for two year olds

Boys and girls love to play with farm animals and trucks. This a fun toy for your two-year-old to use their imagination and also great for quiet time play.Buy Here

Magnetic Car Loader

toys for two year olds

Every child loves to play with cars and trucks. This is another fun toy that they can use to build their imagination.Buy Here

Wheels On The Bus Puzzle

toys for 2 year olds

The best classic nursery rhyme and also a great way to build the problem solving skills and fine motor skills.Buy Here

Wooden Latch Board

toys for 2 year olds

A fun puzzle board that makes them really think and use those cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, and fine motor skills.Buy Here

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Farm Cube Puzzle

toys for 2 year olds

This is a great way to get their brain to work. Each side of the cube has a different picture to make a new farm animal picture when they are all placed correctly. A perfect toy for quiet time. It builds cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, and they learn their farm animals.Buy Here

toys for 2 year olds

Wooden Building Blocks

These are a classic toy, but all of my boys loved playing with these blocks. These are amazing to build motor skills and also use their imagination.Buy Here

Vet Play Set

toys for 2 year olds

Make-believe is one of the best ways for kids of all ages to be creative and imaginative. They can learn how to care for animals and learn to be gentle with animals.Buy Here

Restaurant Play Set

toys for 2 year olds

This is a really cute playset then can pretend to serve you breakfast and you can be the customer. Not only great for their creative side but also for your bonding time through play.Buy Here


toys for two year olds

Every time my boys see a piano they automatically start “playing”. This would be a great gift for 2-year-olds, you can introduce them to music and who knows maybe they will develop a love for music.Buy Here

Pattern Blocks

toys for 2 year olds

This is a classic toy that every child loves. This comes with the pattern block board so it shows them what shape and color to use to create the shape. It’s good to help them put puzzles together, and also learn their colors and shapes. Shapes are a little advance but it’s never a bad thing to talk about them since they are little sponges.Buy Here

Chefs Kitchen

toys for 2 year olds

A cute modern style kitchen. Again a great way to use the imagination, and would go great with the restaurant set so they can really feel like they are cooking you a meal.Buy Here

toy for 2 year olds

Hopscotch Rug

This is a fun way to get them active. It’s also a great way to build their gross motor skills by practicing their balancing, skipping, and jumping. Also, it’s never too early to start their numbers.Buy Here

toys for 2 year olds

Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill

How fun is this kitchen? You can have your own bbq right at your figure tips. Your child will have so much fun entertaining and cooking for you.Buy Here

Flip and Doodle Easel

toys for 2 year olds

This is so much fun, they can get as creative as they want. This easel also turns into a dest with so much space to put all their art utensils.Buy Here

Front Porch Play House

toys for 2 year olds

My kids even my 6-year-old loves to play in their playhouse. They can playhouse, and pretend to be whoever they want in their world. It’s a lot of fun to sit and watch them as they create their world.Buy Here

Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide

toys for 2 year olds

Your two year old will love this toy, and so will you. It will keep them busy and burn some energy also. It’s great for building their motor skills, imagination, and just being active.Buy Here

toys for 2 year olds

Koala Crate

If you haven’t heard of Kiwi Co. you have to check them out. They have so many fun crates for kids of every age. It’s a subscription box where you can choose how ofter you get a box. These boxes have different themes and types of learning experiences each time. It gets your child to learn hands-on and be creative, bond with you and grandparents, learn through play and explore. Everything you need will be delivered right to your door. They are created by experts and tested by kids.Buy Here

Drawing Doodle Board

This is another classic toy, but every child loves it. They can get as creative as they want, and it’s a great toy to bring on the go to keep your two year old entertained.Buy Here

Animal Wooden Pattern Blocks

This is a fun way to do a puzzle and use their cognitive skills. The set comes with the blocks and over 60 cards with the animal design on it.Buy Here

Lego Duplo

These lego blocks are perfect for two-year-olds because they are big so they aren’t choking hazards, but also they can improve they’re fine motor skills and build and play. Each of my kids the first toy they loved to play with were these Duplo Legos.Buy Here

Fire Kids Edition TabletI know most parents think tablets for a two-year-old is too young. However, each of my 4 boys used this tablet and have learned SO much from them. You can select the age you want and there are over 20,000 apps from games, videos, books, and more for them to learn from. It comes with a free 2-year warranty so if they spill water, or drop it (they are durable) they will replace it for free. There are parental control and timer setting also. The best part is you can download all of their favorite things and take in on the go with you in the car, doctors, restaurants, etc. even without needing WIFI!! I love these. You can read my review post here.Buy Here

Ball Pit Tunnel

What kids don’t like a ball pit? This will keep them busy for a while, while they are being active and using their imagination.Buy Here

Wooden Busy Board

This is great to bring on the go or for quiet playtime. There are so many different fine motor practice that is built-in. your two years old will enjoy figuring out everything on this board.Buy Here

Magnetic Construction Set

These are great for eye-hand coordination, imagination, and hands-on exploration. This set is an endless creativity toy your two-year-old will love.Buy Here

Peek A Boo Silly

This is a cute book collection that comes with a plush animal that that plays peek a boo, giggles, and repeats what your child says in their own voice. This is a fun comfy toy and a way to get your two-year-old love reading.Buy Here

Activity Desk

This is a fun interactive dest where they can learn their letters and vocabulary words plus more than 20 activities, melodies, and songs. It turns into a desk that has storage for their supplies and also turns into an easel and chalkboard.Buy Here

The next time you are looking for a gift or a fun toy for your two-year-old or a friend’s or families child, keep in mind these two things, is it something that they will play with long term, and will it benefit them in some way.

From my experience, the best long term toys that they play with over and over are actually simple toys like blocks. These types of toys make them think logically, problem-solve, and use their imagination and they LOVE being able to explore. 

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