77 Totally Awesome Cardboard Box Crafts and Activities That Will Keep Your Kids Busy

Have you ever thought of doing cardboard box crafts with your child? Do you have some cardboard boxes laying around that you don’t know what to do with? Don’t throw them away. You can make amazing crafts and toys for you kids out of them. Such clever ideas you will be obsessed with.

Hate throwing away cardboard boxes and filling up the landfills? We have a fun and creative solution for you that your kids will LOVE. Kids always play with the boxes instead of the actual toy, so you might as well use them to create amazing crafts with the cardboard boxes! Talk about keeping them busy for hours while you get stuff done, or sit and relax.

A cheap way for your kids to have fun, and keep them active, WIN, WIN! You would never think that there were so many different clever ideas to do with used boxes. These ideas are perfect for outdoor play and amazing for rainy day indoor play.

We have compiled an amazing and exciting list for you, to get your creative ideas working and making you the coolest mom once again!

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kids crafts with cardboard boxes

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Craft A House With A Cardboard Box

house cardboard crafts

1) Castle– Make an enchanted castle your kids will have so much fun, and so will you knowing it was the cheapest castle ever! (By Simple Joys)

 2) Classy Victorian– How cute is this house!? Victorians are such cute house. Your child will think they have the best house around. Make a one of a kind house for your kids. (By Mia-Kinoko)

 3) Cute Little House– This house is the most adorable little thing. Even make all the cute little flowers, mail box. Every kid will want you to make one. (By A Girl And Her Glue Gun)

 4) Beehive–  A fun creative way to make a play house out of a cardboard box. The perfect activity for your kids to do. (By Hannah And Lilly)

 5) Cute Poka Dot House– This house is cute and has a little chic touch to it. I love how simple this cardboard craft is. (By Dcoracao

 6) My Little Shop– This one is super cute. It reminds me of a barber shop or a popcorn shop. This cardboard box craft idea is so cute and simple.  (By Artsy Craftsy Mom)

 7) The Coolest House On The Block– The name says it all. I love this one, with the fun colors. Looks like something straight our a Dr. Seuss book. (By Project Nursery)

Craft Auto Mobiles Out Of Cardboard Boxes

car cardboard box crafts


1) Cardboard Bus– Yes, this one is for a cat. I saw this and still had to add it. Come on, it’s cute! Plus your child can still play with it or you can make it bigger for you child to crawl inside. (By Trish Sprouce As Seen On ehow)

 2) Adorable Cars– I would have LOVED this as a kid. Cute vintage looking cars and have a real Drive-Inn in your backyard, genius! (By Just Add Confetti)

 3) The Race Car– Let your child’s imagination run free with this awesome cardboard race car. You  can make a big one for yourself and you can race each other. (By Life Is Poppin’) 

 4) Easy Cardboard Cars – Looking for something simple and quick, for you kids to have fun. This cardboard box car is cute and extremely simple. (By Not Just A House Wife)

 5) The Whole Car Crew – If your child is a “Cars” fanatic than you have to make these. Perfect for a birthday party, or just for fun. (By Fabulously Frugal)

6) Camper– This is an awesome retro camper. They can play with this outside or inside and act like they are camping in the wild.  (By The Merry Thought)

 7) Drive In Movies– The ultimate slumber party idea! Invite your kid’s friends and have a fun Drive-Inn movie right in your backyard! Just boxes and some cute duct tape and you have the best party ever! (By Party Wagon)

cardboard train crafts


1) Toddler’s Express– A great idea for your child. Have them invite friends over and they all will have a blast riding the cardboard train. A cardboard box craft your whole family will love to do. (By Playtivities)

 2) Easy Cardboard Train– This train looks super cute and realistic. You and your family can pretend to be the “Polar Express”. A cute Christmas tradition. (By One Time Through)

 3) Thomas The Train– If your child is obsessed with Thomas like my is, they will love this train. And will want to play with this all the time. (By The Patchy Lawn) 

 4) Shoe Box Train– Not all cardboard crafts have to be made with big boxes. This shoe box train is so easy to make, and your kids will love putting their toys and stuffed animals in it and play with it for hours. (By Cutesy Crafts)

 5) Box Train– These are totally cute for imaginary play or Halloween costumes! (By Martha Stewart) 

cardboard boat crafts


1) Noah’s Ark – This is an adorable craft for kids to do! Gather all their animals and let their minds do the rest. (By The Craft Train) 

 2) Sailor Boat – This cardboard box craft is simple and easy. Just painting a cardboard box and adding details will create something completely new. (By Nurture Store)

 3) Pirate Ship– Do your kids love to play pirates? Then they have to have a pirate ship! Check out how to make it. (By Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers)

 4) Pirate Ship For Your Toys– A pirate ship for your kids’s dolls. A fun cardboard box craft project to do. You can even use the same instructions and make a life size cardboard box ship. (By Molly Moo)

5) Diaper Box Boat Even the Honest Company is getting in on the cardboard box crafts for kids. Lear how to make a fun boat out of diaper boxes. (By Honest Company)https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FHonest%2Fvideos%2F1800220703354804%2F&show_text=0&width=380

cardboard plane crafts


1)X-wing – This is the perfect craft for the kids that love Star Wars. They can act out Star Wars and or use this for your next Halloween. (By Poe Dameron)

 2) Dusty the airplane– The cutest cardboard box crop duster, and super simple to make. (By Desert Chica) 

 3) Baby Pilot Plane – This has to be the cutest airplane ever! A you have to use this for your baby photo shoot. (By La Meg Berceaumagique)

 4) Simple Airplane– If you are looking for an inexpensive costume, activity or a fun craft to do, this airplane is simple and pretty cool looking. (By Mom Spark)

 5)Awesome Star Wars Millennium Falcon– For your child that is obsessed with Star Wars this will make their day. (By All For The Boys)

cardboard tractor crafts


1) Bulldozer- This tractor is amazing. Any kid that loves tractors will love this. (By Grey House harbor) 

 2) Bulldozer – This tractor can move! A build your own you can get from Etsy. Created so your kids can feel like an actual construction worker. The ultimate cardboard box craft. (By The Box It Came In)

 3) Cardboard Tractor – Adorable simple tractor for your toddler. The can be a fun family activity to do together. (By We Love Being Moms)

rocket cardboard crafts

Rocket ships

1) Easy and Simple Rocket Ship– Let your kids pretend to be astronauts. You can put in their room and paint the planets on the wall. What a great time they will have! (By Little Bins For Little Hands)

 2) Tube Rocket Ships– These are cute rocket ships that the whole family can have fun making together. So many decorating ideas, the options are endless. (By Ginger Bread House)

 3) Awesome Rocket Ship  -This rocket ship is so fun, every kid has to have one in their room or basement. Super easy to make, includes instructions on how to build your cardboard box rocket. (By Mini Mad Things) 

 4) Fun Rocket Man  I love this rocket man ship. The fun colors and unique design. Your child would love this. (By Kates Creative Space)

 5) Space shuttle– Such an easy space shuttle craft. And the best and fun part about this, is it lights up. (By Mama Smiles) 

Cardboard Box Crafts For Toys

cardboard box crafts for kids

1) Car Garage– Such a crafty way to re-use your cardboard box. It looks like something you’d buy at a toy store. My kid has an obsession with cars and would love this! (By Stredziecko)

 2) Car Ramp– This awesome ramp will keep your kids busy forever. You can totally use this to play with marbles too. Very clever.  (By Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls)

 3) Ball maze– Kids love balls and cardboard boxes. Why not put them together and they can have a hay day with it! (By Happy Wanderer)

4) Marble run– What a brilliant use of a cardboard box. I would have loved this as a kid. You can do this as a game, see who gets it in the right cup, or race the marbles. I love it!  (By Frugal Fun 4 Boys And Girls)

5) Airport by Your child can pretend to be a pilot with this simply crafted airport. You just need a few items to make this simple and easy airport. ( By Non Toy Gifts)

 6) Barbie House– Barbie houses are so expensive. So why not make the most epic barbie house exactly the way you want? Amazing idea! (By ikat bag)

A Kitchen Made Out Of Cardboard Boxes

cardboard kitchen crafts

1) Play Stove– How cute this kitchen is! I wish my real kitchen looked this cute. Perfect for playing house, and the best way to save money on those expensive play kitchens. Courtney has a book just on fun and creative projects you can do with boxes, go check it out!  (By Crafts By Courtney)

 2) Pizza Oven -This is adorable. As a family that loves pizza, my kids would love to act like they are running a restaurant.  (By Crafts On Sea) 

 3) Toy Cafe– I want this! This mom wins the mom of the year prize. Great way for your young entrepreneur to play real life.  (By Rodessa Villanueva-Reyes)

4) Cute Little Oven- I love how realistic this oven is, even has a warmer drawer. Very easy to make and so simple. (By 2 Little Faces)

Amazing Cardboard Box Activities

cardboard box crafts

1) Mailbox – This is a really clever idea. I would never have thought of making a mailbox. You can make a whole neighborhood and add this to it.( by ikat bag)

 2) Train and Car Tracks- A great activity for your toddler to do. This track can be made in minutes and your toddler will play for hours (fingers crossed). (By Celebrate Every Day With Me)

 3) Stair slide – How fun would this be! Perfect for the rainy days. You can’t go to the park? Bring the park to you. (By the Contemplative Creative)

 4) Dinosaur Box– The whole family can make a dinosaur for themselves and play Jurassic park. Every dino lover dream costume. An adorable cardboard box craft you child would love to do. (by Adventure In A Box)

 5) Marble Labyrinth – I remember playing with a labyrinth with I was young. This is a genius idea! Plus you can bring it on car rides and road trips!  (By Frugal Fun 4 Boys And Girls)

 6) Light Fort– Any other mom want to make one for yourself??!! I would! This would be my hiding spot; get a pillow, blanket, coffee/wine and a good book. ? But the kids will love this cardboard box craft too… (By Crafty Morning)

 7) Coloring Box -GENIUS! Cheap and keeps your little one busy forever. No need to worry about coloring on the house walls. Just put them in a box. (By Sweet Berry)

cardboard box crafts

1) Skeeball – I’m starting to think these moms are cooler than me… Skeeball!? Have fun would this be. A great family game night! (By Beau Baby)

 2) Puppet Theater – This would be so fun. Another fun family activity and craft to do with your cardboard box, especially as a family. (By Here Comes The Girls)

 3) Bird feeder – This is fun for your kids and the birds. Enjoyable way to learn about nature and animals. Have your kids make this and watch the birds eat from it. (By Mommy’s Bundle) 

 4) Car dashboard – This is great motor skill for you little ones. Add any fine motor skill items to your cardboard car dashboard. (by Lalymom)

5) Make A Projector– This is amazingly genius! To add to your Drive-Inn movie theater you can also make your own projector to watch your movie! Simple and cheap items and SUPER easy to put together. (by Inner Child Fun) 

 6) Washing Machine– Teach your kids how to do laundry. Basic life skills can never be taught too early. (By Tairalyn) 

 7) Grocery Store – This grocery store is amazing! I love the idea and the cute cake in the photo. ? your kids can learn by pretending to buy groceries and learn how money works. They can also learn about nutrition. Such an amazing learning craft! (By ikat bag)

 8) Town Box  Let your kids get some markers and crayons and create their own cardboard box town. They can make their town exactly how they want. (By Picklebums)

 9) Cardboard Laptop– My kids love to pretend to be like mommy and daddy and be on their laptops. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad. But either way, this cardboard is super cute and the kids will love to play make-believe. (By Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls)

cardboard box crafts for kids

Cardboard Box Crafts That Are Totally Genius

cardboard box craft

1) Cardboard Easel– Great craft idea to get your kids into art and being creative. Have your kids invite their friends and have a painting class in your house. (By Art Bar)

 2) Toilet paper bird house– How fun would this be to make. Give a little bird a home and your kids can watch them as they fly inside. (By Rhythms Of Play)

 3) Robot Helmet – Robot helmet, have your kids pretend to be robots and have them chase you around. My kids love to pretend to be robots. Have them be active and wear themselves out. (By Little Hearts Big Love)

 4) 3D Nature Sun Catcher – Who knew a box could be so pretty? I love this idea. You can do this and use it for so many different things like a majestic fairy house. (By Artful Parent)

 5) Aquarium– Have your kids craft their own aquarium out of cardboard boxes. Let their imaginations go. They can make a huge aquarium or a small one and they can pick the fish to put in it. How fun this is! (By Jamonkey)

 6) Littler Red Barn– No need to buy a barn at the store. Have your kids help you craft one and paint it any color they want. Fun learning activity and inexpensive. (By Joyfully Weary)

 7) Make a Kaleidoscope– How cool is this! I loved these things when I was a kid. I didn’t know it was so easy to make. And your kid can make any picture or design they want with this. (By Buggy And Buddy)

cardboard box crafts

1) Guitar – This one is one of my favorites. Such an easy and brilliant idea. Get your kids to appreciate music by building them a guitar out of a cardboard box. (By Make It And Love It)

 2) Paint Palette– Little Bob Ross in the making. Getting your kids into art will help them appreciate and have a well-rounded learning. This will go perfectly with the cardboard box ease.l (By Munchkins And Moms)

 3) Glowing City– Keep your kids from being bored and have them craft a city with toilet paper rolls and glow sticks. Glow sticks make everything more fun. (By Inner Child Fun)

 4) Sewing machine – Make your little crafter their first sewing machine. A cardboard sewing machine is awesome. I would loved to have one as a kid! I would have loved to learn how to sew when I was younger. Great learning craft. (By Little Red Window)

 5) Lap Tray– Very creative craft idea. You can make your own lap tray and style it exactly how you want it. You can even bring this in the car and have your kids use it while doing a car ride activity or eating in the car. (By The Centsible Life)

 6) Homemade Light Bright– I LOVE this craft! One of my favorite toys when I was little was Light Bright. You can easily make your own that your kids will love! (By Toddler Approved)

 7) The camera – A cardboard camera! Make it with items around your house and a box. Your kids will love to pretend to be a photographer. They can explore the world around them and take pictures. (By Molly Moo Crafts)

Must Have Cardboard Box Craft Necessities 

Markers for the kids to create their own designs and decorate their box. 

Cardboard Scissors to make cutting easier and create the perfect project. 

Fun colorful masking tape to make things look pretty and your kids can be creative. 

Crayola Paint that is washable just so your kids can paint and make their cardboard box their own. 

Construction paper to jazz your activity up. 

Colorful ribbon to decorate however your child wants. 

These cardboard box crafts are all amazing. The possibilities are endless. You kids will never be bored again, and you can save money! What was your favorite one? Or do you have more ideas? If so leave them in a comment. We can add yours to the list!

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