how to deal with my kid's attitude

The endless power struggles, screaming matches, disrespect, feeling defeated at night wondering how to just get your child to listen and behave the way you want them to? Just to feel the dread of waking up and doing it all over again.

This is NOT normal

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Maybe you’re wondering why is this so hard?

You’ve tried rewards, grounding, time outs, taking privileges away…

But nothing seems to work.

You feel out of control, defeated and out of ideas.

Getting ready for school, coming home from work and after school, doing homework, mealtime…everything feels like it’s a constant struggle to get them to do anything without the attitude!

You’ve asked yourself over and over, “WTF am I doing wrong?”

I invite you to join me in the FREE parenting class

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Creating A Behavior Problem Free Home Without Using Extreme Discipline

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I ask that you allow 90 minutes for this class and give yourself a quiet space to listen and be able to what you learn and apply it to your parenting right away.

This is a pre-recorded parenting class that I did LIVE. This way you will have it at your hand and be able to refer to it whenever you need. You can watch it at your own pace and as many times as you need.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed with your child and you’re at a lost on what to do. Or you’re just completely over the attitudes, while feeling like you’re missing something because Susie over there seems to be doing things right. You’re not a lone. And Susie has her bad days too, trust me.

We get fed up our kid’s behaviors, no matter how many times we tell them to do something or not do something they just don’t listen. Or they talk back, throw tantrums, and sometimes become aggressive- slam doors, throw things, hit or bite.

Well, before you give up and think “Eff this, I guess this is just how it’s going to be. I just can’t wait until they are older and I don’t have to deal with this anymore.”

There is a way to enjoy being a parent and a caregiver! Trust me it is possible.

If you feel like you’re being robbed of being a parent because it’s just too much and there are so many things that you feel aren’t what you expected, we’ve all been there.

All you want is to be able to know that you’re raising a self sufficient adult, someone who will thrive and be caring when they are out in the world on their own. And gain confidence in your parenting and know that you’re doing everything right.

And do all of this without risking damaging your relationship with your child.

To have confidence you need to have clarity first. Once you are clear and understand your child’s behaviors, triggers and understand your triggers and behaviors, that is when the confidence comes in.

I have created a FREE 1 day parenting class to help you finally have clarity and confidence in your parenting where everything else will just fall into place.

No more wishing you could run away.

No more wondering if you really are cut out to be a parent.

No more putting your relationship with your child at risk.

No more wondering “Am I effing up my child up? Did I ruin them and scar them for life?”

Here’s what we’re going to talk about in this parenting class:

  •  How you can solve misbehaviors without putting your relationship with your child at risk.
  • Grounding and timeouts aren’t working!? There is a more effective way to teach your child.
  • Setting boundaries a trigger for you? You find it hard to stick to boundaries or your child loves to push boundaries? How you can create boundaries that everyone is happy with. (It’s possible, trust me)
  • How you can get respect, listening and cooperation without using extreme discipline.
  • How you can gain back control in your parenting without being controlling, demanding or a push over.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the class be?

It will be 90 minutes

Why would I attend the class?

You’re tired of feeling defeated. You want more effective ways to create a cooperative, respectful, calm home. You’re needing change in your household. You’re looking for and ready for transformation. You want to know and be reassured that they way things are with you and your child isn’t going to be like this forever- that YOU can shift what’s going on and it’s never too late!

What will I takeaway from this?

You’ll leave with practical action steps and awareness to shift things between you and your child(ren). You’ll leave with knowing that things can change and know you’re not alone in this. You’ll know exactly what to do next.

How long do I have the recording for?

You will have the recording forever. You can have this to refer to because it is packed with tangible action steps and information. So if you forget something in the video you can rewatch it and implement it in your own parenting. You can go at your own pace.


Your Host

Hi, I’m Maria. I’m a mom of 4 boys and a certified parent coach who knows the struggles of being a parent. I help parents create a behavior problem free home without using extreme discipline. Bringing more calm in the home where the parent doesn’t feel frustrated and depleted because they don’t need to resort to yelling, threatening and punishing.

I once too was that parent who was very reactive and triggered by my kids’ behaviors, and would punish them, threaten them, and bribed them. My kids and I have finally been able to figure out how to go from an overwhelmed chaotic home to a calm and peaceful home, and I am excited and dedicated in helping parents create that in their home too.

When I’m not working you’ll find me hanging out with my family, watching tv, reading or going out into the nature and exploring and having fun with my family. However, I’m an introvert so my ultimate favorite thing to do is just hang out at home with my family and have lots of movie nights.