diy mother's day card

Make Mother’s Day Extra Special With This DIY Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day is coming up super soon! If your kids love to make handmade cards and gifts, this DIY Mother’s Day card is something they would love to make for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom or Grandma!

Mother’s Day is a fun heartwarming day, isn’t it? With all the headaches and frustrations that come with being a mom, it still is the most rewarding thing you could be. I personally love Mother’s Day not because of all the gifts, and special time where my husband feels obligated to take over and do some of the hard work so you can relax, (all though I wouldn’t turn them down). But, I get to celebrate what makes me a mom, my sweet pain in the butt kids. 

Do you like getting heartfelt gifts and cards that you will treasure forever? Kids love making these and seeing their mom’s face light up, it makes them feel good inside too because you are their worldCLICK HERE to get your handmade Mother’s Day card. 

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diy mother's day card

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How to make your handmade Mother’s Day Card

Down below you can purchase this DIY Mother’s Day card and get the template sent to your inbox instantly. Then all you do is download it and print them out. You can either use normal computer paper or the heavy-duty printing paper, either one works just fine. 

Below are step by step instructions on how to put together your handmade Mother’s Day cars. 

diy mother's day card template

Now that you have the template printed, fold all of them like a book, and grab the front page first, and you will open the cover page and put glue on the first inside page. I like to use a glue stick so it doesn’t get lumpy. If you don’t have glue, staples work or you can use tape for the pages. 

One page has a cute frame where they can draw what their mom or grandma looks like, along with coupons just for moms, to make their day even more special.

You will take the second page, (you can have the pages in any order you’d like). Put glue on the backside of the page on the first flap, and stick it to the inside of the book where you added glue.

diy mother's day card

On the second page, do the same and glue it to the back of the other flap. Continue to do that to each page.

This page is an adorable “color each heart that applies”. It has hearts with things about their mom or grandma and why they love her so much. Each heart that applies to them they color in. 

diy mother's day card printable

On another page there is a fill in the blank to see what your child really thinks of you, these are always funny to read because you know kids are honest. It also has a sweet “I Love You” coloring page for your child to express their love with colors

If you want to you can cute the edge to take off the extra paper to make it more even. And you’re done!

diy mother's day card printable

If you’re looking for something to go the extra mile to make this Mother’s Day extra special you can’t go wrong with these amazing relaxing gifts that every mom would love! 

In case you’d like to make more handmade gifts for your mom, or possibly a gift from a younger child, you can get this fun “You Are My Sunshine” printable with a fun Mother’s Day coloring worksheet. 

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We hope you have a wonderful mother’s day and soak up all the love your kids have to give.

mother's day card printable

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