Education & Play

Play is the best way for kids to learn. Being a kid is all about having fun and enjoying being a child.

We love spending time with our kids and coming up with fun and creative ways to play and bond with them. These activities are both fun and educational for all kids from toddler years and up.

Keep a look out for year-round and seasonal activities for your kids. Fun craft ideas, outdoor and indoor activities, toys gift guides, and non-toy gift guides.

And like always, let us know if there is something specific you are looking for to keep your kids busy!

how to make learning fun

Make Learning Fun For Kids

I’m sure most kids that you have known seem to hate learning and think of it as a chore, and it causes friction between you and them. But making learning fun for kids is the…
girl reading

How To Prepare For School Closure During COVID-19

Well, we were hoping things were going to be different by the beginning of the school year. Although schools are reopening many are giving the option to have your child learn from home due to…
kids books

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading

Having a child who struggles with reading can be challenging at first. Reading is the foundation of life, it is pretty impossible to go through life not having the ability to read. It plays such…
valentine's day cards for kids

Valentine’s Day Classroom Cards For Kids

Valentine’s Day as a kids is so exciting! I loved this day, because we get to decorate our shoebox (they still do that right?? Newbie here!) and make it super glittery, covered in hearts, and…