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There is nothing like the life of parenting. There are times where you feel like you have everything under control, then there are times where you just want to crawl under a rock and hide.

We strive to build a community just for moms who need a helping hand or just a shoulder to lean on. We cover just about everything involving parenting like, positive parenting, education and activities for toddlers, education and activities for big kids, family time, and marriage after kids. 

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natural consequences

Natural consequences: What are they and how to use them

How can we set boundaries but still have them experience natural consequences?  How are we even supposed to set boundaries without letting our over-parenting takeover or even our underparenting take over? Am I saying we…
how to communicate with kids

How to communicate with kids so they actually hear you

Do you struggle with your child not listening to you or even caring about what you are saying? They are watching their tablet and you’re talking and they completely ignore you. Or you’re talking to…
how to set boundaries with kids that stick

How to set boundaries so they stick

It’s time for you child to end his screen time and they start to say “no! I don’t want to turn it off.” You say. ” It’s time to turn it off. If you don’t…
How to get your child to stop lying

How to get your child to stop lying

Does your child look right into your eyes and lie to you, and you can totally tell they are lying? If you’re a parent I’m sure the answer is yes. Yep, we have all been…