60+ Amazing Summer Activities So Your Kids Have The Best Summer

These fun summer activities for kids will be sure to make this summer one they will never forget. They will keep them busy and create amazing memories. 

Summer time is a great time for families to make memories and have fun together. As much as you love the break from your kids during the school year, it is still amazing to see the kids smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves. When they are busy having fun, it takes some work off your shoulders.

These activities will keep them from saying they are bored, and there’s nothing to do. All of us moms love finding something fun for them to do to keep them busy for a while, which is why we partnered up with three of our favorite learning activity companies, Kiwi CoGroovy Lab, and Green Kid Crafts and give you an amazing list of summer fun ideas to create lifelong memories and keep your kids from getting bored

They won’t only make great memories but these will help them think outside of the box. All of these activities are unique and will help grow their bodies and minds. 

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Here is a list for great summer ideas for around the house, on your next family outing or vacation.

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Summer Family Time

1) Create A Bucket List– Try something new as a family. Think of something that you and your kids have always wanted to do and create a bucket list. Great way to create family memories. (via mamie pack)

2) Movie In The Park– There’s nothing like a nice warm summer night, and one of the best things to do on a summer night is to go to the park and watch a movie. Search your local park and see where they are showing a movie in the park near you.

3) Camp Outback– Kids love playing in the backyard, why not sleep in the backyard. It’s a great free way to create memories they will never forget. Make s’mores, get flashlights and tell scary stories, play games, look at the stars, the fun is endless!

4)Movie In The Backyard– Movie theaters are fun but can be pricey. All you need is a white sheet to tie to the tree, a movie projector, and some comfy pillows-don’t forget the popcorn and candy! Stream some twinkly lights to give it a fun touch.

5) Music In The Park– This is another fun family activity to do in the park. A lot of the times music in the park provides food trucks, other activities, and of course live music. Go dancing with the family, get loose, and have fun!

6) Go To A Local History Museum– Go learn about your town or even your whole state. Look up the nearest town museum and learn something new. A great way to get in touch with your town and community. A good learning experience for your kids. Going on adventures with your family always keeps it exciting. (via more than main street)

7) Cook Something– Cooking can be fun and a learning experience for your kid. If you are looking for more fun this summer go check out Carrie Zimmer for more ideas.

8) Summer Party- Celebrate the beginning of summer break with your kids and throw them a summer party. Have it all ready for when they get off the bus. What a great summer tradition to start with your kids. Have some yummy snacks, drinks and fun activities. You will win the mom of the year gold star for sure!(via southern blessed chaos)

9) Rest Stop Fun For Kids– Traveling is fun, but the journey should be just as fun as the destination. Party Through the USA put together a fun list to do while on a road trip with your kids. Get out of the car, stretch your legs, and have fun. A road trip with no antsy kids?! Yes, Please!

10) Fun Beach Ideas– Whether you live by a beach or going on a family vacation to the beach. There are so many fun things you can do besides swimming in the ocean or laying in the sun. This 50 Ways To Play On The Beach, has fun unique ideas to get the best out of spending the day on the beach. From building sand volcanoes, to casting your kid’s footprints.

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11) Make A Sock Puppet Show– Get the kids to use their imagination and creativity. This is the perfect activity for the whole family to participate in. This is just one of many ideas that Madz from Mommy ‘N More, has put together.

12) Summer Camps– Maybe your kids would rather not be home around their parents…(we’re not cool enough). Summer camps are a great way for kids to create memories and meet knew people. Check out Sportball for all the sports you toddler and older kids love. See if they are in your country or state!

13) Play Board Games– Can’t go wrong with a good old family game night. Stay in and relax, get some snacks and pull out your favorite family game. Our new family favorite- a great classic Mouse Trap. My boys have so much fun playing it. Simply Be Wild and Free has a really good list of unique board games, some games I’ve never heard of that look super fun,

14) Family Camping Trip– Camping is always great summer activity (printable). Great way to teach your kids about nature and learn to appreciate it. Something about camping helps you relax and feel grounded again. Camping has so many benefits and the kids always enjoy it. (via your stay at home mom)

15) Family Road trips– One of my favorite things to do as a family. Going on road trips let you and your family see parts of the country that you have never seen before. It helps you appreciate the Earth more. This How To Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature During A Road Trip, from Happy Science Mom, will definitely keep your kids entertained during your next road trip.

16) Water Fight– Join in on the fun and cool down with your kids with an epic family water fight! This activity will be sure to bring a lot of laughter and fun memories.


17) Oreo Taste Test– Yum! Summer treats are always a fun way to make summer extra fun. This brilliant idea came from Coffee, Pancakes, and Dreams. You can do this activity with any food. See how she makes this taste test fun. Includes fun printable food ballot.

18) DIY Snow Cones– Snow cones always remind me of being little, and my kids love them. If you’re worried about the sugar you can use cool-aid (without the sugar) to get the fun colors and flavors. This fun snow cone machine will make all of your kid’s friends wanting to come over and have one, you can also use a blender for the ice.

19) Make A Smoothie With Your Kids– My kids love smoothies, which is a win because they are healthy. They know it tastes yummy, but they don’t know all the veggies and fruits that are in it. You can use the smoothie for so many fun treats, like smoothie bowls, and smoothie Popsicle.

20) DIY Popsicles– What kid doesn’t like popsicles? The flavors are endless when it comes to making your own popsicles, get creative, and have fun with it. You can use coconut juice and add your favorite fruit, or sprite and put gummies inside.


21) Tie-Dye– Tie-dying with kids is always a hit with the kids. It helps bring their creativity out and they look super awesome wearing what they made. Coffee, Pancakes, and Dreams made a great tutorial to show how to make tie dye shirts.

22) Paper Plate Craft– Summer activities don’t always have to be busy. Relaxing and doing fun summer crafts is guaranteed to make the kids have fun. Make these cute sweet sunshine paper plates– these are perfect for toddlers and using their fine motor skills!

23) Make A Bird Feeder– Kids love animals and love watching them eat. How about making this super easy bird feeder that your kids will enjoy making and the birds will love to eat from. Check out more creative summer crafts at Figuring It Out 101

24) Lemon Party Pinwheel– These pinwheels are very cute and a great craft for your kids. Your kids will love to run around and watch the pretty pink and yellow pinwheel spin in the wind. These are also great decor/favors for a fun lemon stand or summer party!

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25) Teach Your Kids To Sew– This activity is a great relaxing activity and fine motor activity. Print out this ice cream cone printable at Swoodson Says. She has a great tutorial for your child to watch and learn how to hand embroidery.

26) Go Geocaching– This is a fun, exciting, and adventurous activity the whole family can do. All it requires is an app on your phone and that’s it. Go out and explore and hunt for the special treasures your app tells you to by using the coordinates it shows you. Great for exploring and learning how to read a map. To learn more and how to get started Explore More Clean Less, will teach you all about it.

27) Cardboard Craft– Looking for a fun free activity to do. There are so many different things you can make with cardboard boxes- houses, cars, binoculars with toilet paper rolls, the list goes on. Check out Mom Learning With Baby for more ideas. 

Outside Fun

28) Slip ‘N Slide– This fun classic water toy never gets old. One of the best ways to stay cool in the summer. Make it a party, and invite neighbor friends. Want to make the slip n slide more fun?? Use this Slip N Slide hack!

29) Vegetable Soup– This is a fun sensory activity for your baby or toddler. Let them use their imagination in water and make vegetable soup, and let them cool off.

30) Bubbles– You can never go wrong with bubbles when it comes to your baby or toddler, seriously they can play with them all day! See what other fun outdoor activities A Flourishing Rose likes to do with her kids outside.

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31) Edible Chalk Paint– Perfect idea for babies and toddlers who like to eat everything under the sun. Why not let them have the best of both worlds, eat and play and get messy! Great for all sorts of sensory development.  Not only does this chalk paint look fun, but it looks quite tasty (the eyes of a toddler). 

32) Skating– What a great inexpensive way to have fun as a family. Sometimes skating rings offer free or discounted days. Look at your local skating ring to see. See what other fun cheap ideas Real Happy Mom has. 

33) The day on the lake or river– Being on the lake or river is so relaxing and entertaining for everyone. So many fun activities you can do, always remember safety.(via fab working mom life

34) Have a picnic– This is a simple yet fun summer thing to do. So many places you can choose to have your picnic. My sons love packing a lunch and spend the day outside having a picnic. (via explore kid talk)

35) Walkie-Talkie Hide and Seek– Hide and seek is awesome, it’s even more fun outside! To make it even more fun add walkie talkies into the game. Lisa from Maggie’s Milk explains exactly how to play this version of hide and seek.

36) Side Walk Obstacle Course– This is a fun activity to do with your toddlers. You can do so many different things with sidewalk chalk, let your kid’s imagination go wild. Check out Toot’s Mom Is Tired to see how to make a chalk obstacle course.

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Baby and Toddler Fun

37) Swim Suite Protection– It’s obviously important to keep your kids safe in the sun. These are great for protecting your kids from the hot sun- SPF 50+. See what other summer items Pancakes and Snuggles suggest.

38) Swimming With Your Toddler– This is an exciting time for you and your toddler-learning to swim! Some parents, like myself, get a little nervous because you don’t want anything to happen. Susanna from Simple Moments Stick has tips on how to get your toddler confident in the water. Soon enough your little fish will be swimming like a pro.

39) Sun Protection For Toddlers– Even though this isn’t an activity it is very important to keep our little ones safe while outside. The Insightful Mum has some great tips on how to make sure your little ones are safe and protected.

40) Play In The Mud– You might be thinking “Um, no thank you.” But it is a time to let loose and let your toddler and baby explore. Let them see what it feels like, smells like, and have fun getting dirty, after all, it washes off. See what other fun baby and toddler activities Becoming Schultz has for you.

41) Toddler Water Wall– A great way to be environmentally friendly and reuse those plastic bottles. A fun way to make your own water wall and your toddle to create a waterfall and explore playing in the water. Check out more amazing indoor and outdoor toddler activities at Smart Mom Ideas

42) Paddling Pool– This is a great way to keep your toddler cool on the hottest of the summer days. Having them play in the pool in the early morning before it gets too hot, is a perfect way to get all that energy out and hopefully helps them take a nap- score!! Sparkly Bright Eyes has more great ideas on what to do on a hot day with a toddler. 

43) Go On A Vacation– Going on a family vacation is bound to make great memories. One great place to go for a vacation is San Diego. Raise Them Wild has great ideas on what to do in San Diego-make this your next vacation! 

Summer Learning

44) Summer Reading– Everyone knows how great reading is and what it can do for your child, even if you read to them. Let them know reading doesn’t have to be boring. Mrs. Lady Wordsmith has great tips to make summer reading fun for kids.

45) Summer Science– Turn swimming into a fun learning session for your little ones. Making learning fun, makes kids want to learn, and retain the information better. Team Cartwright talks about how to make learning about science in the pool fun.

46) Washable Window Paint–  This is a fun sensory activity your toddler will be sure to love. Kids love to paint everywhere but the paper is their chance for their dreams to come true. Mombrite has a paint recipe and fun clean up tip after your kid is done painting.

47) Prep For Next School Year– Prepping for next year can help your child get a head start in school. No matter what grade your child is going into, you can look up fun ways to get  ready. Curiosity Pack has a lot more fun summer learning you can do with your child.

48) STEAM Activities– These activities are good for all ages. This will keep your kids busy for a long time this summer. If your child likes to build thingsbe creative, and solve problems they will love these.

49) Activity Books– Get your kids to love reading even in the summer with these amazingly fun activity books. (via A Family Of Readers)

50) Gardening– Kids love to dig in the dirt so why not teach them about gardening. There is so much to learn with gardening, from planting, watering, growing, and everything else involved. Check out Mindful Mama Health on gardening activities for kids.

kids activities

Best Summer Toys For Kids

51) Make Going To The Beach Less Messy– Going to the beach is a blast! What isn’t so fun is having sand everywhere especially when you are trying to dry off and lay in the sun. Jennifer has created a must need beach mat to make going to the beach even more fun.

52) Play House– This is a great way to get your kids outside and stay busy! Let their sweet imagination run free with make-believe playing in their playhouse. Jennie from Four To Love has a great list of great outdoor summer toys for your kids.

53) SandBox– Kids are magnets to dirt and sand. A summer day in the sand is just what your kids will love! Mama’s Organized Chaos has more fun ideas for inexpensive summer toys for your busy body toddler.

54) Summer Schedule– Keeping kids on a schedule helps them not feel overwhelmed. So it’s important to keep them on a schedule during the summer so it’s easy to adjust going back to school also. Making a summer schedule doesn’t need to be daunting for you or your kids. Simply Well Family has a great way on how to create a fun summer schedule.

54) Water Table– This will keep your little ones busy for hours. The Summer Shower Splash Tower , and the Duck Pond are ones your toddlers will love, watching the water make waterfalls, and adding home items to learn what they will do.

55) Kid Pool– The Intex Swim Center is perfect for older kids. The Intex Rainbow Ring is a lot of fun for the little ones. It comes with, a wading pool, shower, slide, and more activities to ramp up the fun.

56) Splash Pad– Turn your backyard into your own water park with Buckets Of Fun, your kids will for sure love this.

57) Splash Pad For Babies And Toddlers– Let your little one cool off and explore the fun of splashing in the Splash Mat.  Or you can try Banzai Splish Splash, for more adventurous fun.

Summer On A Budget

58) Ice Cream Shop– Take the whole family out for a cool treat at your local ice cream shop. Sit out on the patio and enjoy the warm summer night. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly ideas Brandi from Chicken Scratch Diaries has a ton of fun suggestions.

59) Home Depot Workshop– Where kids get to use fun tools and learn how to build something. Check the Home Depot near you. Also, check out Blue Morning Mama for more budget-friendly activities to do this summer.

60) Splash Pad– The splash pad is the ultimate free fun your kids will love. Look around towns close to you and see where one is located. Make a day out of it, pack a picnic, bring some toys to the park and spend the day at the splash pad.

We hope this helped give you some ideas to make this summer a blast and the kids thanking you for giving them such a memorable summer.

What is your family’s favorite thing to do in the summer?

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