If you have never read the book “When You Give A Mouse A Cook”, then you should read it with your child; they will love it!

In a way the mouse is just like a kid and the boy in the book is the mom- always wanting something every 5 minutes.

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A great way to make reading fun and engaging

Reading to you kids even from the day they are born does amazing thing for their brain. It helps them form words, use their imagination, hearing and vocal skills.

As for toddlers and a little old kids, it can be somewhat challenging keeping them engaged and wanting to read.

However, I have notice the more you read or the earlier you start reading to your child, they more they love reading time.

My favorite thing to do is to have an activity to go along with their book. This helps them in so many ways, besides just make it fun.

Making reading engaging helps them build their critical thinking skills, memory, comprehension, and problem solving skills.

They are able to put what they just read into real world life.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: The activity

You can get creative and think of a craft activity, role play, cooking, drawing, painting any activity you think will go with the book and you kids will love.

This time we made a mouse out of crafting supplies, and to top it off we baked chocolate chip cookies (this recipe is the best and easy!)

My boys had so much fun making the paper mouse then playing with it afterwards. And they love helping me bake so, this was another great learning activity for them to do.


How To Prep Everything To Get Ready To Have Fun Reading

The boys really enjoyed this book and thought it was so funny.

When they saw that we were going to do a fun craft project for the book they got super excited!

So, I had already had to construction paper and a hot glue gun and some other supplies. I just grabbed what I had on hand to make these cute mice.

Here is a list of what we used:

Construction paper

Googly eyes

Hot glue gun

Thick string






We had fun patterned construction paper, but you can always have your child color or draw on the paper. Then when they are done, fold the paper in half and cut our a heart shape out. 

Keep it folded and use a pompom for the nose. 

Googly eyes for the eyes, and three short pieces of string for the whiskers.

You can use whatever you want for the tail, ribbon, string, or pipe cleaners. The boys wanted to use the ribbon. 

You can make the mouse from the profile view, or full frontal view, like shown in the picture. 

And that’s it. Super easy, clean and the boys had so much fun making it.


The Cookies

After making the mouse we got hungry and wanted to have a snack. So I figured since we just read a book about cookies, why don’t we just make some!?

I love baking and cooking with my kids, and they do too. It gives them confidence and feel wanted and needed.

They feel important and like a big kid because they are able to help mommy and daddy now.

This cookie recipe isn’t my own, but I love it! I make these every year for Christmas too, because they are so good and easy to make.

Check out the recipe here!

Have a reading activity isn’t only great for their learning, but also for you and your child’s bonding time. A perfect way to create memories all while boosting their development. Times like these they will cherish forever. 

What is you and your child’s favorite book to read together? Have you tried a craft with it yet?