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Give A Mouse A Cookie: Children’s Reading Activity

If you have never read the book “When You Give A Mouse A Cook”, then you should read it with your child; they will love it!

In a way the mouse is just like a kid and the boy in the book is the mom- always wanting something every 5 minutes.

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A great way to make reading fun and engaging

Reading to you kids even from the day they are born does amazing thing for their brain. It helps them form words, use their imagination, hearing and vocal skills.

As for toddlers and a little old kids, it can be somewhat challenging keeping them engaged and wanting to read.

However, I have notice the more you read or the earlier you start reading to your child, they more they love reading time.

My favorite thing to do is to have an activity to go along with their book. This helps them in so many ways, besides just make it fun.

Making reading engaging helps them build their critical thinking skills, memory, comprehension, and problem solving skills.

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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: The activity

You can get creative and think of a craft activity, role play, cooking, drawing, painting any activity you think will go with the book and you kids will love.

This time we made a mouse out of crafting supplies, and to top it off we baked chocolate chip cookies (this recipe is the best and easy!)

My boys had so much fun making the paper mouse then playing with it afterward. And they love helping me bake so, this was another great learning activity for them to do.

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