How To Clean A Messy Basement

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Cleaning a messy basement can be such an exhausting chore.

Is your basement messy and starting to look like a junk yard full of clothes, items you didn’t even know you had, and toys?

It is very easy to just put all the things you don’t want to deal with downstairs and forget about it, but after awhile it becomes this nagging voice in the back of your head that you can’t keep quiet.

Well, we are here to help. ?

The basement can be extrememly overwhleming because all of the clutter and it makes it hard to know where to begin.

I tend to overthink when it comes to getting started, then I get stressed because I think about all that I have to do.

The best thing to do is take a deep breath and just start. Don’t pick a particular spot, just dive in then you will start to get things rolling.

When you start, make a pile of things you want to keep and things you don’t want to keep. Immediately, put the donation pile in your car so you know it’s going to leave your house.

The first trip to the donation center is the most amazing, relieving feeling ever, you won’t be able to wait to take the rest of the stuff.

Recap of last week’s decluttering- The Toy Room

Decluttering the toy room     

The toy room was probably the easiest room in the whole challenge believe it or not.

I sorted through every toy of my kids and kept the ones they played with and got rid of the ones they didn’t. I made sure they weren’t broken, or had missing pieces.

For storage, I did the same thing in the toy room as I did in the kid’s room. I got storage bins for their toys and put them in categories- one for big cars, one for building blocks, one for action figures etc.

I know you’re probably thinking you don’t have time for that. But, it makes cleaning up SO much easier, and it makes it easier for the kids to help you clean up.

Week 8- The Basement Living Room

Last room to declutter

Well, this week was the busiest week, but most satisfying week. Why? Because this is the decluttering challenge final week!!

If you have noticed in these photos and last week’s photos the boy’s toys are in the living room now. We are redoing our floors upstairs, so we moved the big boys downstairs, and the babies will be in their own room. I’m trying not to cry! ?

As I decluttered I had to rearrange somethings, and moved their toys out into the living room, because their old toy room became our office- like I said it was a busy week for organizing!

It worked out perfectly because the boys love their new room and I was able to make the living room more functional. 

Let me tell you, I’m so happy I decluttered before we did the room changes because it made it a million times easier! 

The main thing in this room is if you have furniture that you don’t like or don’t really use, donate it.

There was a coffee table we had for awhile that was too big for the center of the room, so we had it against the wall behind a chair. It wasn’t getting any use, but we didn’t want to get rid of it because we didn’t have it long and it was a good table.

We finally cut the ropes and donated it. The kid’s needed more room to play, it was just taking up space, and I was getting tired of looking at it.

We are wanting to spend more family time down here, my goal is to make it as relaxing and child proof as possible.

We set the room up half for family movie night or for the boys to play video games (yes, even at 3 and 5). Then behind that the kids have their own play area.

The other night we bought all the boys down, the first time they actually got to play in a long time, and they had a blast. It was the twin’s first time since they learned how to walk, and it was like they were in a whole different house.

WE ARE DONE!! We are so proud of you for getting this huge task checked off your list. Now go and enjoy your clean organized house, with no nagging voice in the back of your head. ?

What are some tips and ideas you have found for organizing a basement?

We would love to see any progress you have done in any room. We love seeing before and after pictures! Leave a comment!

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