How To Easily Declutter and Organize Your Living Room

Lets Get Organized!

As a parent it can be very difficult to keep your life in order, yet alone your house.

This challenge is designed for your busy lifestyle, made super practicle for you to succeed in creating a more organized home.

Download our decluttering schedule and checklist to help you get started on getting your life a little less chaotic. Lets Get Organized!

I don’t know about you, but just getting the kitchen organized I feel SO much better already! I still have a lot to do, but I won’t let that discourage me!

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Organizing and cleaning isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world, or maybe it is for you. Either way, just imagine how grrreat it is going to be when the whole house is finished!

Recap on last week’s decluttering

Last week we cleaned the kitchen, and man did my kitchen need it! I cleaned from top to bottom, then once it was cleaned I did the decluttering part, then the floors I did last.

I thought I had cleaned the top of the cabinets since I moved in a years ago…I must have missed that part because they were gross!! The previous owners must have had a food fight or something because there was food splattered on the wall above the cabinets.

Anyways, they are all cleaned. I started at one end of the kitchen and worked towards the other end clearing out drawers and cupboards. I got rid of everything I didn’t use, or didn’t like anymore, even if it was something that someone gave to me. If I have not used the item longer than 6 months to a year then I gave it away.

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The tough part was getting my husband to let go of things LOL. But we compromised and told him why I’m doing this project, and we worked it out together.

I was happy because not only did I have so much more room in my kitchen and it looked neat and pretty, but I was able to donate my items to a family shelter and help other families in need. I have a lot more things that I will be donating, and I hope this brings them joy.

Week 2- Living room

The living room I was excited to do, because first, I don’t have that much stuff to clean or a ton to get rid of, and second I love to rearrange and give it a new look.

I have baby toys it seems like everywhere in the living room, cords from the tv (which I hate cords), and dogs toys.

Then since I do dog boarding through Rover, my carpet can look like a hot mess and I don’t want my babies crawling in that. During this spring cleaning I will be shampooing my whole house, and I can’t recommend Nature’s Miracle carpet shampoo and their Disinfectant spray enough! It takes up dog accidents better than any other brand I’ve used.

We are hoping to get new floors later this year so we don’t need to worry about that anymore,  fingers crossed!

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My goal is to make the room look homey and welcoming, a place where my family and I can feel relaxed and at ease.

How I decorate my living room is by thinking of what I like, what style do I like, what makes me happy and relaxed. I like the craftsman style type of homes. Our living room has earthy colors, tans, browns, soft blues, and it gives it a warm cozy feel, with the style I like.

I also think about what I don’t like about my living room. What triggers my anxiety? Cords? Cluttered shelves? Toys exposed?

Mine is all of the above. I hate cords. My tv stand has cupboards where I can store things with  a shelf on the bottom.

I have a basket on the shelf that I put my router in and the cords  through the handle so you don’t see them. Also, there is a candle holder and a cute picture frame to complete the look. It’s simple and distracts your attention from cords.

(* If you like “Peace Love Rescue” tote in the picture you can find it at our store!)

I also purchased cute baskets to put the baby toys in, and for my coat rack bench to put hats and gloves in. These particular ones I got from Big Lots, you can also find really cute ones here and here.

Then finally, the clutter… I looked at my bookshelf where I have decorations and thought about what I like and what I put there just to make it not look boring. If I didn’t absolutely love it, then I got rid of it.

One way to make my living room feel comfortable is having things that I actually like, not things to just have to make it look like I decorated. If you don’t have decor on hand that you love, take your time and collect things that you love. You can even re-purpose items that you are purging; there are so many ideas on Pinterest.Also I love finding cute decor at this place and here too.

Ok, now let’s go make this happen! Feel free to share your progress with photos, we’d love to see them!!

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