How To Easily Organize Small Areas

Lets Get Organized!

As a parent it can be very difficult to keep your life in order, yet alone your house.

This challenge is designed for your busy lifestyle, made super practicle for you to succeed in creating a more organized home.

Download our decluttering schedule and checklist to help you get started on getting your life a little less chaotic. Lets Get Organized!

Are you like me, and feel embarrassed when company is over and they ask where they can get an extra towel, and you don’t want them to see your linen closet?

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The living room was on of my favorite things to organize. First, because I didn’t have to do too much because I tried to make sure there wasn’t a lot of clutter. Although, there were some things that needed to look better.

My coat rack look like every closet in the house threw up on it, so I had to make that not look like an eye sore. That is the first thing people see when they come into the house, I didn’t want them to think we are a bunch of slobs.

The babies toys were taking over the room so I got some cute baskets from to put their toys in.

And then my dvd collection… I get lazy and put the dvds into random cases, then I get frustrated when I can’t find what I’m looking for. I’m trying to avoid feeling overwhelmed, so I had to fix that.

TIP: If something in your house is overwhelming you, causing any kind of stress, get rid of it, (I’m not talking about the husband or kids LOL) Believe me, once it’s out of your house you will feel a rush of relief, it’s amazing!

Week 3- Bathroom, Laundry Room, and Linen Closet, Coat Closet

Usually when I clean out the closets, and under the sinks in the bathroom, I just move things around and make it look pretty. But this time I went through EVERYTHING and threw out what I didn’t want.

I have a nail polish bag that I’ve had for like 10 years… there was nail polish from that long ago in there too, I never bothered to think about cleaning it out. Underneath the bathroom sink and the whole linen closet was in the same condition.

I had some tote box from other rooms where I didn’t need anymore, so I used them for the linen closet. The before and after picture makes me so happy. I LOVE going in the closets now.

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The boys stuff was engulfing the house, so I had to make it as neat and convenient as possible. So I have all their fun activities like arts and crafts in a bin, and I labeled them so they can see where everything is. I’m glad I did this because they go in there and know exactly what they are looking for is, AND they put it back in the right place!

 I made these labels; I wanted them to look fun for the kids. I like using Picmonkey or Canva for stuff like this and a variety of other things I do like other printables, and my blog images.

My laundry room was somewhat organized but it just wasn’t as functional as I would like. I love our organizer we have in there, it helps so much keep things tidy. I’m going to order these floating shelves for above the washer for more convenient storage. Also, my broom and mop are between the washer and wall and always falls and hits me in the head. So I’m getting this wall mount to take care of that problem.

My bathroom, I have to admit is my least favorite part of the house. It’s a little outdated, but I try to work with it. Eventually, we are going to do a little renovation to the room. When we moved in we put this storage organizer behind the toilet and I love it. With six people sharing one bathroom upstairs, I need the extra storage!

Needless to say, I can’t wait until all the boys move downstairs and have their own bathroom! I’m just not looking forward to cleaning up the gross mess! :/

And speaking of my boys, that my next target- their room! Let’s do it, we’ve got this!

Feel free to send us your progress photos so we can celebrate and drink some wine together!

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