How to Easily Organize the Toy Room

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After having kids, your house turns into a toy store full of things your kids wanted but never want to play with.

Having so many kids I feel like I am up to my neck with toys, almost every room has toys in it.

We decided the kids have some toys in their room since they love to play in their room so much. However, I wanted a room designated for the rest of their toys.

We have a couple rooms downstairs that we turned into an office and one into a toy room…for now. 

Such a life-safer because they can make a complete mess out of that room, but I don’t really care because it’s downstairs and I can just close the door. But, we all know if doesn’t all stay in the room.

Recap of last week’s decluttering

The Office

Last week we worked on our office. This was the biggest project out of all the other rooms.

This room turned into a storage, life-size filing cabinet that just got out of hand. There were papers everywhere, more toys, items we never used, boxes we never had gone through and so much more.

I went through every box and bag that was in the office and office closet, and donated everything we didn’t need. Believe it or not, most of the stuff were toys from a year and half ago that I never donated or baby items I didn’t need.

I donated it to the Arc and it took me 4 trips just from the stuff in the office!

My biggest tip for this room or decluttering in general, is keep some sentimental stuff that really means a lot to you. I gave each member of my family a big plastic bin to store their personal items, once the bin is full that’s all they get to keep.

Week 7- The Toy Room

How to organize your kids toy room

This weeks organization was a probably the easiest one out of all the rooms- thank God I could use a break!

I went through all their toys and looked through ones they don’t play with anymore, have missing pieces, or were broken.

Like what I did in their bedroom, I used bins and baskets to separate all their toys by categories.

They have a toy box for their big action figures. Another small toy box for the random stuff, and the same with their cars and so on.

There is a closet in there too that I used as storage as well. We had a lot of stuff stashed away that we couldn’t find a place for.

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Now that the toy room is all done they have a fun place to play and I don’t have to worry about them getting into things they shouldn’t.

When we moved in we left the room white because we had a feeling it was going to get messy and we didn’t want to waste money on the paint if it was going to get ruined.

Good things because five minutes after getting them this kids art table there was marker all over the wall, LOL.

Kids will be kids right?

At least these rooms are ready for them to move into now. The big boys are moving to the basement, and the babies are moving into their own room upstairs next to ours.

We will have our room back! A little bitter sweet though, just reminds me that my babies are growing up. ?

What are some of your ideas or tips for organizing your kids toys? We would love to see pictures of your kid’s toy rooms.

We only have ONE MORE ROOM LEFT!! I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited!!

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