How To Easily Organize Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one room that I strive to get feeling like a getaway place. It’s where I like to relax and escape.

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Right now we have our three dogs, one year old twins and us, all sleeping in a smaller master bedroom, the last thing I want is to feel suffocated by clutter.

Do you like going through your clothes and declutter? I’m not a huge fan. It makes me stressed for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because it’s time consuming, or the fact that a lot of my clothes don’t fit…but one day right?!

I always go through clothes and end up keeping most of them because I think,  “Well, maybe I’ll fit into it again, or maybe I’ll get something that will look good with this.”

Well, this time I’m not doing that. I’m not saying I’m getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit, because I know I will get back to my pre-mom body-ish. But I’m going to make sure I absolutely love it, it makes me feel good, and it’s not getting worn out.

Recap of last week’s decluttering

The kids bedroom

How to organize kids clothes and toys

Last week I worked on the kids bedroom. I’m happy to say it is in really good shape still, even their clothes!

 My focus was to organize their dressers and closet, and donate clothes that didn’t fit them anymore, and rotate them with ones that does fit them.

Another thing I wanted to do was take out toys that they don’t play with anymore; and get rid of the random pieces that no one knows what it goes to.

I have baskets and bin (I love baskets and bins), for each group type of toys. So I have one for building blocks, big cars and trucks, one for the hot wheels, dress up etc. Not only did it make the room look so much neater, but it helps so well getting the kids helping me clean up their toys at night.

I think one reason why my kids didn’t want to help; besides for “it’s too hard”,  was because they didn’t know where it went. So now they know exactly where every toy goes and they help me clean up ( with a little bribing…I’m not that good LOL).

So this room was a good success.

Week 5- The Master Bedroom

How to organize your room

I went into this room having a plan, it helped me from being overwhelmed and discouraged. We have a long dresser, a tall dresser two night stands full of random stuff, and a horrid closet that I hate going into- until now!

The first thing I worked on was my long dresser. I did one draw at a time and took everything out and put back only what I wanted and needed; my drawers look practically emptied now.

I’m going to be honest I didn’t use the trick that is very popular right now to organize my dresser clothes. Where you fold them and have them stand up so it’s easier to see your shirt. 

I have enough to fold right now, the way I do it works. But maybe in the future I will. 

I had my husband go through his clothes and do the same thing as I did. I tried to stretched, “Keep only what you like, and can’t get rid of.” I’m proud of him because he did a good job- he likes to keep everything. ?

The next thing I worked on was the night stands. Since we don’t have a proper filing system (coming up in another post), we would store important papers in there and it was the definition of organized choas.

Surprisingly this didn’t take too long. I just went through ones I need to file, and threw everything else away. I do have baby books in there that I need to finish, which will be my next project!

From there I worked on the the tall dresser where we keep our pants and pj’s. Same process as the other dresser.

How to organize a small closet

This was a bitter part of the process because our closet isn’t very big and our clothes seem to be jammed in there. There are shelves, but I wish the builder moved them up a little because the clothes cover the shelves.

I search for a good shoe rack, one where the shoes won’t keep falling off and there was enough space for more than one shoe to store. I like the hanging ones, but they don’t seem practical for someone with big feet. You can only fit on shoe in one slot.

I found the perfect on the was super inexpensive and fit pefectly in our closet. I found it at Target, or this one is very similar

My husband’s work pants are always wrinkled. I wanted to find a way to try to have them last longer, and free up some space. These hangers are amazing, exactly what we were looking for.

I also used these shower rings to hang up baseball hats and my scarfs. They are we both have a decent amount of them and they are stuffed in places making it a hassle to get to them.

Since the closet is pretty small, I desperately wanted more space to make it functional. I got this three cubed cubbie and used it for storage and extra shelving. This is my favorite transformation of our closet. 

Now that I feel so much more relaxed in our room and I actually enjoy it. Next plan for the room is to paint and decorate the room to get the exact feel I’m going for on a budget. Keep a lookout for that future post. ?

Now onto the next space!

It is time to celebrate because we are more than halfway over!! Doing my happy dance!

We love seeing bedrooms ideas! Share your photos on what crafty ideas you have for organizing and maximizing your space.

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