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How To Use A Family Safety Word To Keep Your Child Safe

Does your family use a family safety word? This is a great and simple tool you can use and teach your child, to use to ensure they are safe and not in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation. 

Sometimes it’s hard for children to know how to tell an adult they trust, or how to talk to their parents about situations that have happened to them or a time they felt uncomfortable around someone because they are afraid of how you as the parent may react or handle the situation. They may feel like they won’t be heard, understood, or taken seriously.

This is the time you can talk to your child about being able to let you know when they might be in danger. Or possibly when they don’t feel comfortable around someone that is considered a family friend or family member. 

Family safety words are the perfect tool to use when there is a time you need to communicate with each other but it’s not possible at the moment. 

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how to keeps kids safe using a secret word

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What is does a family safe word mean?

A safeword can be used in so many different types of scenarios. This can be used between two friends, between parents and kids, between couples, or a trusted person when you are in danger but can’t let the other person know you are reaching out for help to be protected from them. 

 Two friends can use this word if they are out together and they are in an uncomfortable situation but don’t want to be obvious about it, they can use the word to escape the situation.

 Creating a safe word in a relationship is also important for if one person isn’t feeling safe with what the other person is doing, they can use that word to alert them to stop. In a healthy relationship, this can bring awareness that they need to stop or change what they are saying or doing, even during sex. 

 You can use a safe word between a close neighbor or a doctor if you’re close enough to them. This word stays between the two of you and if you are in a condition where you can’t bluntly come out and say “hey, I’m in danger” or “I need help”, they can use the secret word or phrase to alert that person. 

 Now we will talk about using a safe word in a family setting.

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Some family safety word ideas to use

Keep in mind when you create a safety word or phrase that it’s easy to remember, something happy and fun so it doesn’t seem so scary to your child, and something that is not obvious. If a child says “happy bunny” that tricky person or uncomfortable person won’t think twice about it, they will just think the child is being silly.

Also, I would recommend changing your password every so often, maybe every 6 months or a year, so that way if someone suspects something or finds out the password your child is still safe because they know that password has changed. Make sure you tell that person that you trust the new password in case they need to use it. I wouldn’t change it too frequently because your child may forget what the new one is and get confused. Keep everyone on the same page to ensure that this code will help your child get out of a dangerous situation.

Here are some good code words ideas for danger:

  • Happy bunny
  • Popsicle
  • Blue button
  • Funny tummy
  • Funny face
  • Pink dot
  • Yellow puppy
  • Vanilla pudding
  • Dinglehopper
  • Red rover
  • Q-tip
  • Their favorite food example: cheese pizza
  • Hotwheel
  • To infinity and beyond
  • It’s so fluffy
  • Peter pan 
  • Super cat speed
  • Sonic force

 These are just some ideas you can use or get your creative juice flowing. You can think of something fun that your child likes, and can remember, easy to say, and not obvious. Come up with a word together and make this a fun experience so it doesn’t make them scared. You can keep it age-appropriate and explain to them why it’s important to have a family safety word and how and when to use the secret code. 

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