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Make Learning Fun For Kids

I’m sure most kids that you have known seem to hate learning and think of it as a chore, and it causes friction between you and them.

But making learning fun for kids is the best way to get your child to love learning, and want to keep learning. At our house we really try to make it a fun experience and keep them engaged. Have them learning something new every day to keep them craving to learn more and keep them asking questions.

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ways to make learning fun for kids

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I want my kids to like learning and always be curious. I think making learning fun is really important in keeping them engaged and interested.

Ways you can make learning fun 

Kids as we know love to have fun, the last thing they want is to sit at a table or desk and just sit and listen. I don’t think anyone really enjoys that, and it makes it hard to stay focused and concentrated.

 There are some ways you can make learning fun for kids like these:

  •  Make the learning a hands-on activity
  • Let them experience what they have learned first hand. Go somewhere so they can see it in person if possible.
  • Got outside and have them learn outside. Change the scenery
  • Do fun experiments
  • Turn what they are learning into a game
  • Make sure they get a brain break
  • Have the learning be an interactive experience- like what we will talk about later in this post about the home butterfly kit from Insect Lore.

Does making learning fun make for good learning?

Make learning absolutely does make learning better in so many ways. If kids are having fun with learning it brings a sense of joy and they want to keep learning and don’t find it as a chore or something they dread doing. 

 Also, if you think about a memory, the reason you can remember it is because it had a big impact whether it was a good or bad memory. Same with learning, if the learning is fun and engaging kids will tend to remember what they learned because they associate it with something fun, exciting, and entertaining. 

Ideas for making learning fun for kids

  • Have them bake or cook something and add a math lesson to it
  • Have them act out their favorite character in a book they just read
  • Do a science experiment. This subscription box Mel Science is an incredible box for kids. They learn so much through these experiments and all the supplies are mailed right to your child.
  • Go outside and explore and make new discoveries. If you can go on a vacation to a place that your child learned about. Nothing like seeing and experiencing something in person. Like after learning a history lesson or a geography lesson.
  • Make what they learned into a game. A great way to help with a big exam that is coming up and a way to have them remember what they learned. You can do a Jeopardy game, or make it a BINGO game.
  • Make it interactive like we did! We have four boys and they like insects and watching them. So we thought what would be better than having them learn about butterflies and watching the whole life process?

They got to see the life cycle and also learned responsibility through feeding the caterpillar and know how to care for it once it turns into a butterfly before we could release them into the world.

This is definitely a memory that they will always remember, not only was it great for them to learn about the life cycle and how caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies, but it was such a fun family bonding experience.

These are all great ways to make learning fun for kids at home or in a classroom. Whether they are in traditional schools or homeschooling, or even summer learning to keep their skills sharp.

Keeping kids engaged is key to their learning and the best way to keep them engaged is by making whatever they are learning a fun experience. There are so many benefits to making it fun, not only for their intelligence but for the psychological part of it as well.

The fun learning activity that our kids LOVED

My husband ordered a caterpillar kit knowing that it will be fun and exciting for the kids to watch a caterpillar grow and turn into a butterfly. It’s amazing how fast they grow in such a short amount of time.

We put them on the counter in our kitchen so they could see them every day, my oldest would climb on the counter a lay watching them. He loved seeing them move and wiggle around. After they became butterflies he helped me feed them fruit which he really enjoyed.

Insect Lore sends 4-5 little caterpillars in a jar with their food. It comes with a habitat where you transfer the chrysalis so the butterflies can transform.

I love watching my kids being interested in how things work, learning, and looking in awe on how the world revolves.

I love when they ask a million questions a day because I know that their brains are working and they are trying to figure things out, and put pieces together. We make it fun, if I don’t know the answer we google it and look at it and watch videos about whatever they ask. It also helps me reboot my memory. 

Having all boys no doubt they like bugs and are interested in how the creepy crawlies crawl, live and make webs, and all the other gross stuff.

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The best part and what the boys loved the most was releasing the butterflies. They got to hold them for a few seconds and saw them fly away. They thought it was the most fun thing ever.

I would love to see what kind of activities your kids like to do! Feel free to leave pictures in the comments too! ?

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