Making Reading Fun With Spaghetti

Fun Book Activity With Spaghetti for The kids

Who doesn’t like spaghetti? Better yet, who doesn’t like to play with spaghetti!? My house is full of boys- 4 to be exact, so it’s given that thy love to be messy. What better way to keep them engaged in a book while I read to them, then to give them a fun messy activity to go along with it? 

reading crafts

Of course this is just as fun for girls! What kid doesn’t like to get messy and play with noodles??

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Reading Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

I have been trying to read to my kids more often and creating crafts or some kind of activity to go along it. It has been so fun for them and great for me because they are learning without even realizing it.

This time we read “More Spaghetti, I Say!”. This book was one of my favorite books when I was younger. The fun thing is, this book is the book I’ve had since I was about my oldest son’s age- 5. Keeping books from my childhood has been exciting because I can share with my kids the books I loved and show them all the scribbles I did inside them too! HAHA

reading crafts
beginner reading books
reading crafts

How To Prep Everything To Get Ready To Have Fun Reading

It’s a funny book and I knew the boys would love it. I wanted to make reading even more fun and by make spaghetti and making it colorful. It was a hit!

They all loved playing with it and eating it- entertainment and a snack, WIN, WIN!

All I did was boil spaghetti, separated it into 4 different bowls and added whatever food color seemed fun. My boys love the colors of the rainbow, so I made it all sorts of colors. I read out loud to the,  then they got to have fun with the spaghetti and make a mess. If you have dogs the clean up was easy peasy! 

reading crafts

Why I Chose This To Be The Activity

My babies were even able to get envolved with the activity. Having them play with noodles and feeling them being squished between their fingers was a great sensory activity for them. Of course they made the biggest mess out of them all but, honestly if they are having fun and learning I don’t mind. 

reading crafts

Let your guard down sometimes and let your child get messy. The best way for them to learn is through play.

What is you and your child’s favorite book to read together? Have you tried a craft with it yet? 

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