kindle fire kids edition review

A Mom’s Review Of Kindle Fire Kids Edition

So you’re thinking of getting a kindle fire for your kid? Personally I think it’s a great choice.

There’s so much talk about letting your child use tablets or any other electronic devices. In today’s world I think it’s crucial for kids to know their electronics because technology isn’t going away any time soon. In order for them to succeed in life they will need to know how they work.

As far as tablets, they are just as important. That’s why when I first saw the Kindle Fire Kids Edition, I thought it was such a great idea and just what I wanted for my boys. 

My husband and I were wanting to get a tablet for my oldest son for Christmas one year, but we were worried about spending so much money, especially on a three year old, (yes, it’s young, but that’s the norm now).

If you are looking for something that will be educational and entertaining at the same time

I came across the Kindle Fire and loved what I read about it and all it does, so of course we got it for our first son and he loved it. Then our second son used it around one and half years old, and learned so much with it- his colors, letters, and shapes like OVAL! When he pointed to an oval and actually said oval at one and half years old I was so impressed and wasn’t worried about it being a mindless entertainment for my kids. 

This last Christmas they had a great deal for their bigger screen and more GB, so we got them new ones and kept the older ones for my twins. 2-4 years later they are still working great.

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kindle fire kids edition review

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What Is The Kindle Fire Kids Edition?

This tablet is everything parents are looking for. You can have up to 6 profiles on the tablet 2 adults, and 4 children. You can set each child in their own age range so they get the apps that are age appropriate.

There are over 20,000 apps already installed in the tablets for the kids. There are apps for games, books, audio books, videos, and educational PBS kids, Nickelodeon, Disney and so much more. You get access to this free unlimited for 1 year, after that it’s just 2.99 a month which is TOTALLY worth it!

Since you have your profile on there you can even use it when your kids aren’t. There is a password you set up so they can’ t go into your profile and download things or purchase things they aren’t supposed to. 

There is a parental dashboard where you are able to edit their profile, age range, when you want the tablet to turn off to have more control over screen time. You can go into the Amazon store app and download more popular games that aren’t already installed into the tablet. My kids love Sonic and Minecraft, so I was able to download a free or paid Sonic game and free Minecraft game for them, and they can play it right in their profile.

There are over 1,000 apps for Spanish so your child can learn Spanish or for the kids that speak Spanish they can enjoy the tablet too. 

What make the Kindle Fire different than other kid tablets?

Compared to other kids tablets like Sannuo Tablet, Primtom, Vankyo, and Beneve, the Kindle Fire has so much more to offer. These are all great tablets too, don’t get me wrong, but they just don’t have what the Kindle does. 

Like mentioned before they have a great warranty plan, endless amount of learning and entertainment and it works anywhere from car rides, to camping. The battery life is amazing it lasts up to 10 hours which is perfect for those fun family road trips, or when you just need peace and quiet. 

Kindle Fire Kids Edition Review

Why I like the Kindle Fire Kids Edition


When we were looking for a tablet we wanted something that was convenient and easy for our kids to use. It took them no time to learn how to navigate around this tablet, they even have to show me how it works sometimes. Also, we wanted to be able to take it with us on car rides and road trips, which I was so excited when I learned we could go anywhere with these!


With 4 kids money isn’t something we can just throw around. We wanted to make sure we were spending our money wisely, and not needing to take out a second mortgage to feed our family. I was just walking around the store and saw this, read about it, and saw the price tag and I was sold! This does things that iPads can’t do, like not needing Wi-Fi just to use it…


My boys are young and they are boys so obviously things don’t stay pretty in the house for long. They like to throw things, stand on things, drop things, and that’s exactly what they have done with these tablets. It comes with a sturdy case and they don’t break very easily. Once on the baby’s tablet and one of the big boy’s tablet the screen did get cracked, it happens, but that brings me to my next point. 


I love that they don’t take advantage knowing that kids will be using this device so they don’t try to rob you with a crappy warranty. Their 2 year warranty is great! If they spill water, drop it in the toilet, break the screen, ANYTHING just send it in and they will give you a new one for free, no questions ask. They are very quick with the process too. I think it took about 1 or 2 to get the new one to us, and it’s absolutely free, no need to pay extra at the store this offer is automatically included with the tablets. 

Use anywhere

I know I have already said this before but this is one of my favorite perks of this device. So, if your kids want to watch a movie you can either go to Netflix and download a movie or you can download  the Movies Anywhere app for free and use the code on movies you have purchased at the store if they are able to be downloaded. All you need to do when the movies are downloaded is tap the icon for the movie on the kid’s profile and it will download instantly. That’s the same with the games. If they icon has a little check mark on it it means it’s ready to stream anywhere you go!

Share tablets

You can have all the same profiles on all the tablets and if their info is saved on one tablet then it’s saved on all of them because it’s all through your amazon account. So they can share tablets or switch them whatever they want. 

kindle fire tablet review

Why my kids love the Kindles Kids Edition Tablet

Well, because it’s a tablet LOL. But they love that they can bring it anywhere they want with them. My oldest is always wanting new games downloaded so it keeps it from getting boring and a waste of money because they will want to play with it all the time. There’s so much to do with it. My kids like to play Roblox on it ( I watch to make sure what they are playing is okay), but my two old kids can play on their own tablets but still see each other, and they love that. 

Play whatever they want

They can play just about whatever they want on here. It does have the Amazon app store instead of Google play so there are some limits on games they can play but there are over 20,000 apps already on the tablet they always find something they like to do. They have drawing apps, SO MANY BOOKS, audio books, fun problem solving games, pretend games like a vet or doctor app, the list goes on. 

Pros for The Kindle Kids Edition

How to upload games from Amazon

If there was a game like Minecraft that they want to download they make it super easy to get it on the device. You just go to your profile, the store app and download like normal. Then you go to settings and their profile and add the app to their profile. Then they can switch back to their profile and it’s already there ready to play. 

 How to use parental control and screen time

As much as they love it, they would be on the tablets 24/7 if I let them. My kids are pretty good at actually playing and going outside without forcing them to get off their tablets. But you can set a timer for the tablet to turn off when you want them to get off. 

You can utalize this two ways, put the timer on for them to get off and do homework, go to bed or whatever. OR, you can use it to make sure they do use it for educational purposes too. How to do that is have them pick a fun learning app and put the timer on, they need to work on a learning app until the tablet turns off, from that point they can choose whatever they want to play. 

Use age range

In the parent dashboard where you create your child’s profile you can select any age range you want to make sure they are getting age appropriate content. The age range is from 2-12 years old. As they get older just increase the range and the more apps they will have access to.

The warranty, Download movies fromNetflix or Anywhere movies from case, Works anywhere

I’ve already covered this but I wanted to add it to the “Pro” section of this post becasue these are a few of my favorite benefits of the device. 

 Battery life

The battery life lasts a really long time, up to 10 hours, which a lot of times is a huge life saver! It comes with a charger that you can use in your car and plug it into a USB port inside your car. 

 Parental control on how to keep them from making purchases and more

Amazon put in a lot of thought when they  added this feature, because on other devices my son has made purchases that he didn’t realize he was acutally buying something; he bought something for $74 once! So, a very good feature to have!

Cons of Kindle Kids Edition

How to delete downloads

It wasn’t clear at first how to delete some downloads to clear some space to download more games. I kept going in to the parental area and try to delet things, and I thought I was deleting things but it kept saying low storage. Finally I realized I need to be in the actuall profile of which I want to delete items. 

So, if my older son’s storage is low, I need to go in his profile and delete items, then go into my other kid’s profile and delete items from there. I just wish I could delete any item from the parent’s profile. 


Some people complain about the storage, that there isn’t enough on the tablet. I kind of agree, it seems like you have delete something every day so they can play something new. However, if you go through what they download it’s kind of a lot of items before they are prompted to delete something. But, certain apps do take up more space than others. I don’t find it to be a deal breaker just a little annoying. 

 Plan ahead

When it comes to making sure your child can use it where there is no Wi-Fi, you need to make sure you download movies, books, games and so on before you leave the house. If you don’t then they can’t download anything without WiFi and won’t be able to watch or play anything. So, when I am making my list for when I am packing for a trip I make sure to add “download” for the kids, or that trip will not a be a fun one. 

The main reasons I love this tablet for my kids

  • Great warranty
  • Use it anywhere with or without WiFi
  • Over 20,000 apps educational and entertainment
  • Long battery life
  • Durable
  • Can download more games and movies on the device

I hope this review helps your decision. In all honesty, with the price you can’t go wrong. You definitely get your bang for you bucks. We are a big family and we have to be careful on what we spend our money on, this, I do not regret.

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