How To Get Started Organizing Your Kid’s Room

Lets Get Organized!

As a parent it can be very difficult to keep your life in order, yet alone your house.

This challenge is designed for your busy lifestyle, made super practicle for you to succeed in creating a more organized home.

Download our decluttering schedule and checklist to help you get started on getting your life a little less chaotic. Lets Get Organized!

Have you ever walked into your kids room, looked, then just closed the door and walked out? Yeah, me too everyday.

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I’ve always known how messy and gross boys are, but I never knew exactly how gross they are. My older boys are only 5 and 3 and little germ filled, dirt covered tornadoes especially my 3 year old.

On top of that, they have the whole Toys-R-Us store in their room, FYI- my boys bought them out! LOL

Well, on the bright side of all this, this week is the halfway mark of our decluttering challenge!

I haven’t felt this accomplished in a really long time… Sad, I know. But this has been so long overdue, but I got motivated to start, and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Recap of last week’s decluttering

Bathroom, Linen Closet, Laundry Room, Coat Closet

Last week I did the bathroom, linen closet, coat closet, and laundry room. This sounds like a lot of rooms to do in one week, it kind of was. But in my house these rooms are fairly small, so I clumped them together and pushed myself to get it done.

In every room I went through everything in it; from big boxes to my nail polish bag. I usually go through cabinets and see things like my nail polish bag and don’t think to look through it and throw things away.

 My goal with this challenge is to declutter every inch of my house, so I am holding myself accountable, so that means the smallest things I’m looking through. 

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Week 4- The Kid’s Bedroom

Getting Started

The bedrooms are going to be my least favorite rooms to tackle in this challenge. I do not like going through clothes and getting rid of them, and folding them and everything else you do with clothes. It’s so time consuming and something about it gives me anxiety, (probably seeing all the clothes that don’t fit me anymore since having kids)… But that a whole different post.

So, my two older boys share the room, but I also store the twin’s clothes in their room too. My plan was to go through all of their clothes and take out what doesn’t fit, and switch out hand me downs that do fit -that in itself is a chore!

Don’t let it make you feel overwhelmed though. Start slow and pick a spot and finish it before you move onto another area. I started in the closet where I have the babies’ clothes in a cubed organizer which works pretty well.

I took out all of their clothes and I would go through them one by one seeing if they still fit. I would do this for the big boys’ clothes in their dresser as well.

Then I moved to the clothes that were hanging up. Then I cleared off the shelves in the closet and got rid of things that have just been sitting there.

After I was finished with the clothes, I moved onto the toys.

TIP: Don’t ask your kid if they want to keep or get rid of toys. They won’t get rid of anything!

My kids love blocks, Marvel, and my 3 year old is obsessed with monster trucks and cars; they take up so much room.

Everyday and night they have their toys all over their room and I clean it up. After a while it became a lot of work because they love to take all their toys out and put them all in one big pile, (they say they are making a pool! YAY!…)

I started teaching them how to help me clean up. At first, like every other kid, they said, “ I don’t want to.”

So then I would make it a game. See who can do it the fastest, or who can pick up the most toys. Then that kind of died, so I threw in a bribe. That worked really well.

But since I am trying to get everything organized, I don’t throw all of their toys in one big box and call it good. Instead, I have a basket or box for each type of toy.

One basket I have the monster trucks and bigger cars inside. Another basket I have all their blocks. Then in the toy organizer I have their small cars, dress up costumes etc. They have bunk beds that have draws, so I put some toys in there too, which is super convenient.

This way it makes it easier on them when I have them clean up the toys with me, they know exactly where they belong.

We will see how long the room stays this nice, but I’m determined in keeping the house organized and not let it get out of hand. Of course with my husband’s help by putting things back where they belong too. (Babe, I’m looking at you. ? )

Let’s go get started!

If you have been doing the decluttering challenge with me I’m giving you a huge HIGH FIVE! It’s not easy.

Don’t be afraid in going into your kid’s room, not matter how old they are. LOL

Feel free to share your photos with us to see your progress, and celebrate together!

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