Positive Parent Packet

Who knew parenting would be so incredible and yet so difficult at the same time? These cute little monsters just know how to push our buttons don’t they?

Parenting comes with so many roller coaster days. Then there are those days where you just feel like you don’t have control over your kids or anything else. Life becomes overwhelming and you get worked up, then the negativity starts to roll in. The yelling, the guilt, the crying, you start to think that you can’t seem to get this parenting thing right.

Well, you’re not the only one. To be honest, no one knows what they are doing. We kind of learn as we go. But, one thing for sure is creating a positive atmosphere for your child and your whole family is extremely important.

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Having a positive mindset takes time and practice. It’s hard to stop yourself in your tracks when all you feel like doing is exploding. This is exactly what this packet will help you with. Positive parenting is more than just trying not to yell. It’s about showing your child how to handle tough and frusterating situations. How to appropriately react to your child without getting aggressive or violent.

We are their role models, we are the ones that show them how to become good human beings. In this packet you’ll learn how to be a postive parent with postitive discipline- how to apply it and what is the differnece between punishment and discipline. Fun ways to play with your child and grow your bond even when you are running low on energy. Self care that will really help with your mental and emotional recovery. Also, we have tips an exercise to do so you can become a more patient parent.

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