how to be a calm parent

The 3 Step Guide To Calming The F!@# Down

Simple steps to take to stop yourself before you’re going to explode when you’re triggered

AHHH! Pretty much sums up parenting am I right?

Good news. It doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, we will have our triggers, we will feel frustrated because that’s life, we are humans, not robots. But, there is a way to finally know how to stop yourself from turning into MOMZILLA or DADZILLA.

I’m sure you have had days where either everything is getting on your nerves and something just sets you off and you end up snapping at your child for spilled milk. Or you’re having a good day but still, the smallest things set you off and you go from 0-10 in seconds yelling, “Just clean up your room! I’m not here to do everything for you! If you don’t clean it then I’m going to throw everything in your room away!” Your heart is pounding, you’re hot, your body is tight and you’re about to pass out from not breathing.


This 3 Step Guide is a solution to this very normal yet very scary cycle that seems impossible to get out of.

The 3 Step Guide To Calming The F!@# Down will show you exactly how to become the calm and relaxed parent you strive to be.

After going through these 3 steps you’ll:

  • Know the truth about anger and aggression (hint: what you may think may not be true)
  • Learn the best way to stop yourself when you’re triggered even if you feel like you’re going to explode
  • The single most important thing to do when you’re triggered and what to do with your child after you have calmed down
  • The often overlooked step to calming yourself when you’re triggered