Hi, I’m Maria

I am a mom of 4 beautiful boys, who have taught me so much about myself, and the person I want to become. I knew that I wanted to be a parent when I was older, I didn’t put a ton of thought into how hard it would be. There is so much that is untold or no body knows exactly how to explain parenting and all the challenges that comes with it, you just get thrown into the waters.

What I found out after 7 years is, parenting can be a lonely world, even if your house if full. Often times it can feel like no one truly understands what you are going through. 

A guy once said that “Parenting is like  nailing jello to a tree, it’s impossible.” Then a brilliant lady nailed a box of jello to a tree and said “No it’s not, it just needs a little support.”

That’s what I’m going to be for you, your box, your support.

As a Mindful Parent Coach and Parent educator, I help parents have a better connection and relationship with their child, so it’s less stressful for everyone. I once was a yeller and couldn’t control it, I didn’t like who I was or how it was affecting my kids. I learned and decided I want to help parents do the same by peacefully navigating them through the hardships of parenting.

Where to start? Are you tired of getting mad because you’re trying to get your kids to listen? Or you’re an expecting mom and not sure how to get prepared mentally and emotionally for your baby? Possibly you’re a new mom and trying to figure out this new parenting life out?  

Resource for you to help you get started in shifting your parenting and building and growing your relationship with your child.

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