valentine's day cards for kids

Valentine’s Day Classroom Cards For Kids

Valentine’s Day as a kids is so exciting! I loved this day, because we get to decorate our shoebox (they still do that right?? Newbie here!) and make it super glittery, covered in hearts, and then you get to see what card your crush left you. ?

I know with all of these holidays back to back and everything else that goes along with your child’s school, Valentine’s Day may slip your mind. 

Until you go to the grocery store that is, because it looks like cupid threw up in there.

But, don’t worry, if you haven’t thought about getting ready for your kid’s Vday party at school we’ve got your back.

Just printout these super cute Bee Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s Valentine’s Day classroom party, and you’re ready to go.

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valentine's day cards for kids

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Print these cute little Bee Valentine’s Day cards out, and tape these cute flower suckers on the back. Perfect quick, cute and easy vday cards the kids will love.“Will You Be My Valentine?”

“You’re As Sweet As Honey.”

“Honey, Will You Bee My Valentine?”

“Plzzz Bee My Valentine!?”

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We hope this helps takes the stress out of your day, by skipping a trip to the store and also money. That way you can treat yourself this Valentine’s Day! Extra candy and wine!? Yes, please!!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Everyday Mom Squad

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