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A Great Way To Spice Up A Marriage

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Or maybe getting that drive back?

Boy, do we have something just for you! As couple whether you’re married, in a long term relationship, and have kids, things can start getting a little dry and boring. Or you want to have sex with your partner but the drive is just not there. 

As a mom, it is hard to get in the mood, the last thing I want to do is have sex because I’m exhausted. All day I have had 4 kids and my 2 dogs need my constant attention, hanging on my, needed held, so at night what I want is my body to myself and shut my brain off. 

Of course it can cause some friction between my husband and I because obvious reasons, but in now way am I not attracted to him still. But as tired I may be, it is still important to make your relationship a priority.

Pin To Spice Things Up In Your Bedroom

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Spice Your Marriage Up With These Fun and Sexy Riddle Cards

Getting things steamy doesn’t have to only be in the bedroom. Foreplay doesn’t have to be only in the bedroom either. Having fun with your spouse and bringing those butterfly feelings back to life is what it’s all about.

Playing little games, or sending sexy text messages throughout the day, is exciting! Flirting with each other saying things to each other and no one knows about it. The secret and feeling of maybe getting caught makes things so much more interesting.

 These riddle cards we created will do just that. You place them somewhere your spouse will find throughout the day. They read the card and it gives hint to what will happen next. All building up for the night time. When you guys come home from work you will want to skip dinner and go straight to bed. 

 These cards aren’t only for Valentine’s Day, but for any day. You can use them for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, because it’s Wednesday. ? 

Riddle #1- Seems kind of dirty but that’s the whole fun about these cards. Get your spouse eager to get home to you.

With each card you can get a little gift to give your spouse that goes along with the card or that goes a long with the night ahead. Kiss candiessexy kiss boxers or lingerie. 

Riddle #2 Super cute huh? ? You can send your spouse a sexy photo of you

Riddle #3 You can cook a romantic dinner (even if the kids are there). If you don’t have time to cook or need an easy, yet elegant dinner I would suggest trying something like Hello Fresh. They will for sure have something perfect for you night. 

Riddler #4 this is when you move it to the bedroom, or whatever room you choose. Dining room table??

But, not so fast. If you want the fun to continue (not that sex isn’t fun), play a fun sexy game to get each other even more in the mood. We have created the most sexiest and fun BINGO game that you will ever play. You will be closer than ever, and share the most intimate and passionate experience. Just what you may need to bring back a spark in your relationship. 

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean the excitement has to stop.

Click below to get your night hot and steamy. 

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