Indoor Halloween Fun For Kids

What To Do For Halloween So Your Kids Can Still Have A Blast

We can all agree this year sucks, now Halloween trick or treating is recommended?! Well, we won’t let that stop us though, the kids still deserve to have some fun, so we just need to think outside of the box, which won’t be hard to do with these genius ideas to take Halloween indoors and trust me, the kids will have a blast!

And to be honest, I think the adults will enjoy it more too, than walking around in the cold going house to house, yes it’s fun, but the sky is the limit to create the best indoor Halloween for your kids.

Keep reading for these perfect ideas to make your house the house everyone wished they were in during the great pandemic Halloween bash!

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The perfect Halloween Foods and Snacks

Hot dog bloody fingers – These are super simple and super creepy and gross, the kids will love them!

Bubbly witch brew– This juice is tasty and perfect for kids to enjoy the grossness of Halloween with this bubbly green juice. 

Witch Fingers– The perfect snack for kids and you don’t need to feel guilty filling them up full of sugary foods all night, these are a fun Halloween snack for kids.

No Bake Vampire DonutsThese are super easy and the kids will love them, perhaps that perfect breakfast to start their Halloween morning. 

Witches Brooms– These are so cute and super simple, another healthy Halloween snack for the kids.

Sticky Spider Web– Cotton candy and a plastic spider is as easy as it gets, the kids will love to eat it, or maybe the spider will be too scary to where they won’t eat it… win, win right?

Rice Crispy Pumpkins– These are cute and great for you child’s halloween party at home or at school

Mummy Hot Dogs Every kids will love these for dinner right before the Halloween fun begins! 

Zombie Guts Cinnamon Rolls– These look so ridiculously gross, everyone will love them!

Bowl Of WormsCompletely disgusting, imagine touching them and eating them, the kids will love these, and have so much fun. 

Puking Pumkin– Is it just me or does that vomit look delicious? Calm down it’s guacamole, yum!

Alien Baby– Mmmm, the best looking juice ever. Creep your kids out with this yummy punch. 

Walking Dead Marshmallow Pops– Simple and fun zombie marshmallow you kids will love to eat the brains out of these. 

Jello Zombie Brain I love this jello brain, the gummy worms top it off. Lets see if the kids will dare to eat it. 

Halloween Punch For Kids– This is a super simple punch that the kids will love. Get creative throw some eyeballs and spiders in there, they will drink it all up. 

Deviled Egg Eyeballs– A creepy healthy food to have at the party, it maybe eaten more my adults, but um we like our food too! 

Halloween Jello Jars– These look pretty yummy, fun and simple yumminess. 

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups– These are so yummy, you can add some worms in there to make it extra spooky. Every kids would love these! 

Jack-O-Lantern Quesadilla– Who doesn’t like a quesadilla? These are cute and simple and tasty, and good quick snack, lunch or dinner for the kids. 

Spooky Ghost and Pumpkin Orange– To keep the day a little healthy this is a cute way to make some spooky and healthy snacks.

Ghost Kabobs– These would be great as a spooky breakfast, the kids will love these.

Amazing Halloween Decorations That Are Easy and Cheap

3D bats– 

Animated Corpse– 

Creepy Cloth

Stretchy Spider Web– 

Creepy Giant Spider with Web 

Halloween lights– 

Creepy Witches– 

Halloween Ghosts– 

Changing face pictures– 

Spooky Tree

Creepy Window Decor

Hanging Ghosts– 

Nun Ghost Decal–  

If you would like to DIY Halloween decoration ideas, check out this Amazing and Easy Budget Friendly DIY Halloween Decorations. 

Halloween Games For Kids To Have A Blast

Toilet paper mummy– This is a fun game where there are groups of two. One is the mummy and the other does the wrapping. Whoever wraps the mummy completely first, wins and prize.

Ghost sac race– The good old sac race. You can get a pillowcase and draw eyes on it to make it look like a ghost. This is a classic game every kid will love to do.

Donuts eat race– This is a great game and a great alternative to apple bobbing, so keep it safe from spreading germs. And the best part is it’s with a donut, I’m sure the kids wouldn’t mine. Tie a string around the donut and let the donut hang from a rod. Whoever eats the whole donut without using their hands wins.

Pin the tail on the witch cat– Just like pin the tail on the donkey, pin the tail on the black cat. Have the child cover their eyes with something, spin the child 3 times, and see if they can place the tail where it belongs. Whoever gets the closest wins.

Pumpkin patch stomp– If you don’t mind noisy games the kids will love this. Simply put a small prize inside the balloon, blow up the balloon and then let the kids try to pop the balloon with their feet. Whatever is inside is theirs to keep.

Feed The Monster– This game is kind like corn hole. Decorate a cardboard box to make it look like a monster. You can decorate any way you want, and the kids try to toss a bean bag or ball into it’s mouth.

Poke a pumpkin- This a fun game where everyone wins something. Fill about 15 paper cups with a prize and cover it with orange paper. They can pick any cup they want to poke and that is the prize they get.

Witch Hat Ring Toss– This game is the classic ring toss but with witch hats. Place witch hats on the ground and to make it extra fun for the kids to use glow sticks to use as the rings.

Pumpkin Run– A fun pumpkin race where the kids place mini pumpkins on their heads and try to walk or run to the finish line without letting the pumpkin fall off their heads, no hands.  

Halloween Scavenger Hunt– This can be done throughout the house, backyard, or even in the neighborhood. List Halloween theme items and go around finding these items. Whoever finds all the items first wins.

Spider Race– This is a fun and simple game. All you need are straws and plastic spiders. You use the straw and blow the spider across the finish line on the table, whoever crosses first wins.

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt– This is like an Easter egg hunt. Place candy into the plastic pumpkins and place them throughout the house for the kids to go find.

Muddy Worm Eating Contest- This brings me back to kindergarten. Make some chocolate pudding and put gummy worms inside. The kids have to eat the pudding as fast as they can with no hands-only their mouths. Get all the worms out with their mouths and place it in a dish next to them. Whoever gets all the worms out and onto their plate wins.

Halloween Bingo– No party is complete without a BINGO game. Have each of the spaces filled with Halloween images, and well, you know the rest. 🙂

Find the eyeball– Make a whole bowl full of spaghetti and put an eyeball in the spaghetti and mix it up. Set a timer and whoever finds the eyeball first wins.

Indoor Halloween Haunted House Ideas and Items

There is no wrong or right way to make a haunted house. You can make it as creepy as you want or if you have younger kids you can make it as kid-friendly yet spooky as you’d like. Here are some images to get ideas and must-have items to create your haunted house. It doesn’t have to be expensive, The Dollar Tree, General Dollar, or The Family Dollar Store has so many Halloween decorations, you can get as creative as you want with them. Also, Party City has some pretty inexpensive Halloween props you can use in your haunted house. 

Cardboard Box Coffin

Balloon Hanging

Dead body– 

Witch jail– 

Spider meal– 

These are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing to make an awesome haunted house for your kids this year. 

Here are some of my favorite items to add to your haunted house that we think you will scream for (pun intended…)


Floating Ghost

Haunted Farm

Ghost girl


Creepy baby


Window Projector

Fog Machine

Younger Kid Friendly Haunted House Items

Harmonica Player

Grave Digger

Spooky Ghosts


Younger Kid Friendly Haunted House Items

Creepy Cloth


Cautious Tape

Haunted Manor Projection DVD

Holiday Projector Home Decoration

Indoor Halloween Fun Activities

Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt– This one is slightly different than the one mentioned earlier. Instead of trick or treating you can place certain candies around the house and they have to find the ones that are on the list.

Halloween Mystery Box– If you really want to gross your kids out, this is the perfect game to do. All you need a few items that you may already have in your house and watch your child squirm. Get 6 containers to put the items below into so they can blindly feel and guess what it is.

  • Cooked spaghetti for brains
  • Grapes for eyeballs
  • Dried apricots for ears
  • Corn kernels for teeth
  • Long sliced bananas for witch tongue
  • Carrot sticks for witch fingers

Popsicle Haunted House– This is such a cute project for kids to do. You can set up a station where they make a house out of popsicle sticks and make it as spooky as possible.

Build A Jack-O-Lantern– This is a cute and free activity that the young kids can do for fun. Let their minds get as creative as they want.

Carve Pumpkins– This is a given. There is no Halloween without carving pumpkins. You can even make this into a contest if you’d like.

Paint Pumpkins– This is a fun alternative to carving pumpkins, let the kids you their imagination and paint the scariest pumpkin ever.

Decorate Your Own Treat Bag– This is a fun low key activity, and a fun way to get them even more excited for their candy, like they need a reason.

Halloween Cookie Decoration– Who says decorating cookies is only for Christmas? They can make spider cookies, ghost cookies, witch cookies, anything and then eat them! That’s the best part.

I know this year isn’t the ideal year, really this year was horrible, so why take the fun out for the kids? If you decide to stay in, there are plenty of fun things you can do with your kids, and who knows this could become your new tradition. I promise you, your kids won’t be disappointed.

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