You Are My Sunshine

Mother’s Day Flip Card and Sunshine worksheet

Every mom loves getting things that their child has made for them. They put so much time and thought into their gifts you know it’s truly from their heart.

The sunshine flip card is super simple to put together. I have tutorial below, with ideas on how your child can make their own.

You can have them put a picture of themselves on the front of the sun, or they can draw their own picture. Then under every sun ray they can write why their mom is so special to them.

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After you have printed your sunshine printable out, cut one of the suns out.

And trace it on a yellow piece of paper, construction paper is great to use.

Now, cut out the other sun. Write on each sun ray what makes moms special.

You can even draw little pictures or graphics on some rays, you can even color them in if you’d like, the creativity is endless.

Then when you are done, glue the yellow sun on top of the white sun. Put glue only in the middle part of the sun.  

The You Are My Sunshine worksheet is a perfect add-on to make mom feel extra special. Your child can write all the reasons that mom is special and color it to make it come to life. 

Your child will have so much fun poring their heart out into these crafts for mom. These are things that will be kept in their keepsake box forever.

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Happy Mother’s Day!